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giovedì, gennaio 05, 2017

The Best Customer Service Quotes Ever Said by John R. DiJulius III

You mustn't never think that when you go to a store for buying something it's only something you desire. In most cases who will make the difference will be the person who will follow you, will serve you, during your choice. It can be a clothe, it can be a pair of shoes, it can be a book, it can be a perfume you want to present.

It's clear with this motivational quote: "Be the brand customers cannot live without."

True that selling in period of crisis is more difficult, there is to add that a positive attitude, and great a motivational impact in particular from the owner of the store who should be in grade continuously to remember a positive approach of his sellers with the customers can make, absolutely can make a great difference.

Giving importance to the seller is the best condition for...selling in fact.
And sometimes a lot.

Because as  John R. DiJulius III  adds in his motivational book: The Best Customer Service Quotes Ever Said published last October, "Be the best part of your customer's day." No more nor less than this.

What a seller should able to do is to create a "Positive experience on every interaction, wheter it is face-to-face, click-to-click (if you are buying online) or ear-to-ear (if your experience is by phone.)

Isn't it true? When we buy something and in the other side of phone, pc, or in the story we find good answers to our problems, perplexities or questions aren't we reassured?

Creativity a word that must enter in the mind of sellers and customer services. Banned the word: no.
Everything can be changed, every objects not liked can be changed because it's important to remember that: "Customers are not always right; however they're just never wrong."

It's also important to try to remember that it's not the quantity of money that you can make with a certain  customer that can make the difference but the return of this customer under many aspects. He can remembers you and he will want to return to make business with you or  he can suggest your name to someone else, and you will grow in terms of importance for the structure, business, customer care where you work in.

Another advice: "Focus on what you can do, not what you can't."

But who is a seller?
Substantially as says the author in the book: "When you serve people your goal is not to make money or to get them to do what you want but to take care of their needs and desires."

And this is true.

Workers, sellers are the most and crucial important factor in a store. As says the author we can also create a wonderful space, a wonderful store but who will make the difference, who creates the experience that keeps people coming back? They are the people you will employee.

Most important also will be the ability from the owner of the store, web company, to look forward because as writes the author citing Simon Sinek: "A revolution starts with a clear vision of a world different than the one we live in today."

It could be a great idea to present this book to all the sellers so that they can learn the best strategy for bettering their approach with customers.

I truly suggest it to you and also to customers as well.

I worked as Avon's representative and with just a catalog I was able to sell a lot of products every campaign, but I have been also a shopgirl and I can tell you that the psychological approach with the customer is the most crucial one.

Happy Reading!

I thank NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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