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mercoledì, gennaio 04, 2017

The Little Big Book of White Spells by Ileana Abrev

Do you want money, love, power, friendship, more color in your life, and are you interesting to defeat your most common disturbs? Maybe The Little Big Book of White Spells by Ileana Abrev will be the answer for you! The book will be published this January 8th by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

You can have good luck, you can attract the world, you can avoid negativies, you can be more...colored do you know? Yes you can, also that thanks to the help of... Colors! Yes colors, and in particular choosing them carefully for your wardrobe.

Crystals, another chapter of the book will be able to cure a lot of symptoms and little illness, and then magical bath, herb and plant magic...An important chapter to me the one of candles.

I don't know you but I love candles. After my dad passed away I sure enjoy everyday to bring him some candles for avoiding any kind of obscurity.

Each candle and each color of the candle you will pick up will have a different meaning. If you will choose the white one you will search for protection and purity, purple for family and so on. It depends the use you must do with candles and the message you want to spread to the Universe and the answers you are searching.

A special section of the book all dedicated to love, and self-love, break-up, negativities connected to love.

The book written with great enthusiasm by Ileana Abrev  The purpose: helping you to realize your dreams and desires using remedies pretty old, more commonly used by pagans. Fascinating.

It's a great book! and I like the cover so badly. When I meet a black cat I can tell you my day will be extra-lucky! Oh, what a terrible witch I am! ;-)

Anna Maria Polidori

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