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giovedì, gennaio 05, 2017

Angels on Earth Inspiring Stories of Fate, Friendship, and the Power of Connections ,by Laura Schroff, Alex Tresniowski

Angels on Earth Inspiring Stories of Fate, Friendship, and the Power of Connections ,by Laura Schroff, Alex Tresniowski and published last October by Howard Books is the real story of a beautiful magical meeting.

I was firstly intrigued by the title.
I have in fact a long subscription with Angels on Earth by Guideposts thanks to my Memphis aunt Bobbie and I appreciate so badly. Plus: I do believe in angels.

Well I can tell you that this book is more than what you will wait! It's plenty of great humanity, kindness, it's moving, while you will read this book you will think a lot at the power of solidarity, good heart, generosity able to make the difference in the existence of less lucky people.

For Laura Schroff, the author of the book everything started in 1986. We are in NYC and a successful, busy ad sales executive lady as everyday walks all frenetic the way for going to work, when she is stopped by Maurice a 10 years old boy asking for some money because "I am hungry." Laura continues her walk. Oh come on: she meets a lot of people like this homeless boy after all everyday and she never stops, but then...The wind changed.

Maybe it was the words I am hungry, maybe the age of that boy, maybe it was destiny, she decides to turn on and to talk to this boy. She didn't offer him money but instead she  offered him the possibility of eating with her at lunch at a close McDonald's.

Laura will discover that Maurice didn't eat from two days that he lived at just two blocks from her but not in a comfy house like her but in a place not great for a boy.

Since there Laura will spend a lot of time with Maurice and her experience became a NYT bestselling book called: An Invisible Thread.

Laura thinks that most of us are Angels on Earth. When we meet someone and we change in better his/her destiny, when we are helpful in particular in desperate condition as for example the story of the man and the penniless boy that you will find in the book, when we grow up children that are not ours but then later will be loved as if they would be ours.

There are many ways for being real good people in this world. We must just want to become different people, less selfish, less blind to the necessities of our neighbors, and we must also understand that we are not strangers but friends.

This new books of stories of other people necessary because Laura after the publication of the book started to receive a lot of letters, e-mails and calls of people with same or similar experiences. And so: why not tell them to a largest public? Sharing goodness create other goodness and world can just become a better place where to live in.

I highly suggest this book to everyone!!!

I thank NetGalley and Howard Books.

Anna Maria Polidori

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