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giovedì, gennaio 05, 2017

Where Angels Walk (25th Anniversary Edition) True Stories of Heavenly Visitors by Joan Wester Anderson

Where Angels Walk (25th Anniversary Edition) True Stories of Heavenly Visitors by Joan Wester Anderson published this Dec first a true moving, beautiful book plenty of wonderful true human stories.
The author starting from a personal story decides to ask to some newsmagazine and magazines to publish a letter: she was searching for stories of people who had met an angel.

With the time she started to receive dozens of letters from people of all the entire USA.

Why this idea?

Well firstly published 25 years ago this book has seen a lot of changes and the most important one the terrible terrorist attack at the WTC on 9/11/01. As I say always History changed from that point and nothing returned anymore peaceful. With the time I also developed the theory that the souls of people dead in that way can't find immediately peace, but ok this one is another story.

Of course the angel-theory developed by many authors including Joan Wester and supported by all our religions, catholic, muslin, Hebrew one, regarding guardian angels, seemed in crisis.

Where were all these Guardian Angels when the terrorists caused all that messes? And mainly: was the destiny of that people the one of dying? And why?  Some of them have been heroic, I remember, able to change the route of the terrorist, because Americans have a great sense of the State and they wanted to preserve their institutions but there was also the sacrifice of all of them-

No one knows God's scheme for all of us on this Earth but angels, according to the author became less fascinating than not in the past from that moment.

Hollywood after the terrorist attack at the WTC maybe thinking also at the future and at a sort of protectionism and strong of the fact that an icon and a symbol of the USA mortally attacked with all the departures that caused the terrorist attack developed movies, speaking of  Heaven, afterlife. Movies, but also books changed giving to the readers and viewers a Gothic perception of the world and angels put in a corner.

Our world needed urgent answers: also of an afterlife, also of a dialogue with someone passed away in that horrible way. The precariety of the here and now and who knows if I will die tomorrow or in a hour, caused by the terrorist attack of 9/11 and a new terrible, perfidious invisible war started, established and wanted by some terrorists  for create a global destabilization of our reality asked for the Occidental creative minds new answers and Guardian Angels, angels more in general where not in the "human agenda" anymore.

Angels are our guardians.
When I think of them I think at the postmen of God. They're the most directed messenger of God and my prayers often are directed to them.
I live them with great joy! I imagine them always busy, here and there sometimes able to create messes as well because their messages are quick and they run with their lights in every direction and in every possible corner of the world.
I always think God can be too busy wherever He is and He can't listen to me. Not all the time. That's why I prefer celestial creatures.

My dad's name was Angelo and once he died few months ago I put him under the protection of the Angels, deciding for a beautiful gravestone written in cobalt. I know something: that Angels are very powerful and beautiful divine creatures.

Back to the book Joan developed so the idea of creating a book with a lot of real Angel-stories where people had met these ethereal creatures.

I strongly suggest to everyone this wonderful book!

I thank NetGalley and Loyola Press.

Anna Maria Polidori

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