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mercoledì, ottobre 05, 2016

The Road Back to You - An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery - by Ian Morgan Cron; Suzanne Stabile

The Road Back to You - An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery -published today by InterVarsity Press and written by Ian Morgan Cron; Suzanne Stabile is absolutely a book of self-help that you must read for the important topic that it treats: self-knowledge.
Sometimes we think we know who we are, and substantially let's hope that it is true.
Of course we know our personality. We know our lacks, we know our potentialities.

But, but, if there are still corners of your soul that you don't understand, if your relationship lately not harmonic with your relatives, friends, co-workers or community, go for it, and try to understand much better your personality.

This book was born because of the profound existential crisis lived by the writer of this book, mr Morgan Cron some years ago. A pastor, a man of God, once in Connecticut, he tried all his best with  his parish and the people assigned to him, but without any result.

He wasn't able to find the proper connection with the community. Of course to him, a big problem this one. What was wrong with him? Why wasn't able to give his best but always his worst?

So, one day he searched for Brother Dave, a man he hoped could present him a lot of answers, sorting out his most profound crisis of consciousness.

Well at first the author talked, talked, talked about his messy life with Br.Dave, and then once he stopped, Br.Dave asked him: "Did you hear about Enneagram?"

Of course young Ian did. Once in seminary he had a book about Enneagram and he loved to read it, although when he share this passion with a priest, the priest said him of throwing it away, because the Church didn't believe at witches and other genre of stuff similar at this one. In the Enneagram book there wasn't that stuff...

The writer kept the book hidden in some remote corner of a shelf and forgot the existence of it.

Enneagram is a Greek word composed by two words: Ennea means nice and Gram drawing.

It's an old study very well known from the most remote past of nine kind of personalities and it is a philosophy, self-help method that it is considered very profound and of secure effect.

What does have Enneagram of magic? It will give you the self-knowledge power in your hands so that you will express in the future your personality.

For example asks the author of the book: we see the world through our eyes or the ones of the children we were? Do we really know ourself? How much our past interfere with our plans and our present? How can we change all of it setting us free?

Ian Morgan Cron is sure that when we are children we used to wear a mask called personality for protecting ourselves but in adult age personality has us. It's like to be hostage of ourselves.

The nine kind of personalities are these ones:

1- The Perfectionist
2- The Helper
3-The Performer
4-The Romantic
5-The Investigator
6-The Loyalist
7-The Enthusiast
8-The Challenger
9-The Peacemaker (in this personality there is also Pope Francis!)

At the same time these 9 personalities are divided in other three groups/triads: The Heart Group, the Fear or Head and the Gut.

In the Gut we find The Challenger, the Peacemaker and the Perfectionist.
In the Heart Triad: The Helper, The Performer, The Romantic
In the Head Triad: The investigator, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast.

At the same time all these personalities have a deadly sin.
Anger, pride, deceit, envy, avarice, Lush...

The book will then analyze in a very profound way the nine personalities  giving at the end the best portrait you can desire, also for your children!

Very interesting. I am still in doubt: am I  in the second or third triad?
And which personality exactly?
Oh well: this one is another story!

I strongly recommend you this book  without any kind of excitation. It is brilliantly written, fun and entertaining, and at the same time it will give you lots and lots of informations for discovering much better your self. It's a great Christmas gift!

Anna Maria Polidori

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