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giovedì, ottobre 27, 2016

The Christmas Guest by Daisy Bell

It was a cover-love story at first in the case of The Christmas Guest written by Daisy Bell and published by Quercus Book this Oct 3.
I thought that a book with such a beautiful, tender cover, had to be read as soon as possible because wonderful.
I requested it through NetGalley and well, let me say I was right: I found the book completely enchanting.

The Christmas Guest will be your best blanket for your Christmas Time, the most delicious gingerbread cookie you'll taste, the most colorful ball of your Christmas Tree, the warmest milk you will sip the Christmas Day for Breakfast, the most beautiful, warm fireplace.

The Christmas Guest most importantly, will be the book that will bring back to you a reason for hoping in a lightest future, a reason for being optimistic and positive, and for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The story as it is told and structured reminded me while I was reading it a tale I read time ago written by Mark Twain for the impressive and real description of the dog's character, like also the story of Enzo, the protagonist of The art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein one of my favorite doggie books, because also The Christmas Guest narrated in first person and this first person is...Teddy the little puppy, like also  in the books previously mentioned.

This book is an adorable gem. The description of the character of a puppy given by the author the most real portrait that could be written. Plus there is this warm, this delicacy, this positive vibe all along the book, these good feelings, this positive, happy and joyous narration. All these elements mixed together gives a perfect Christmas Story able to make the difference.

Who is a dog? They give all themselves for making us happy, for making us joyous and they live in the moment as remarked. A puppy or a dog doesn't mind for a lot of things, they enjoy little things and they just want to be loved by us.

This book written wonderfully well is enchanting for the good heart with which it has been written. This one is the story of a wonderful puppy at first in the hands of a very wealthy couple, Veronica and Richard. Richard thought that Veronica, his companion would have appreciated a puppy and bought one for her. Pity that the partner of Richard, didn't find the puppy so adorable at all and she hated him because he destroyed all her wonderful new shoes, that maybe after all she could have re-bought considering the status of the couple.

Anyway, one day, who knows why, during a car-stop with Richard and Veronica, Mr. Snuffles, at that time the name of the puppy, just 2 months old, ops, who knows why, got lost. He runs and he runs since he meets this new house thanks to the smell of a wonderful chicken dish one of the favorite ones of Richard and Veronica.

The people living in this new house, the Woods are not as rich as Veronica and Richard are, and they have many thoughts, money, but mainly the sad condition in which precipitated their beloved daughter Emily after meningitis.
A state of profound prostration and weakness. Nothing can help Emily to stay better. For Ben and Claire, people with great heart the arrival of this puppy a good surprise, although considering all, they thought at first of not keeping him. They named him Teddy Bear, Teddy for everyone. At first they thought maybe the puppy got lost and no one could believe the puppy abandoned.
Teddy notices the big difference between the house of Richard and Veronica and this one, much more warm and rich of hospitality. Adored by all the family, what happened later will let you smile and cry. Teddy in fact in the house and in the garden, when left alone will act as a perfect terrible puppy, helped by sly Martha, the old cat of Ben and Claire jealous of the new arrival and happy to send him to hell and happy to put him in bad consideration.
At the same time Teddy will make friendship with Tobias (not a lot after all at first) and his dog Lady.

What Teddy would wants so badly is to be kept by this new family because what Teddy thinks is that he can helps them, but sometimes it's a story of puppy disasters, and so what to do?

There will be also heroic moments for this brave puppy as well.

Can at the end Teddy  be a Christmas Blessing? A real Blessing for this Family considering he arrived just a week or so before Christmas?

One of the most touching books I have read, I strongly suggest it to you for the delicate touch, for the beautiful narration, the wonderful situations created and for the positive vibes able to spread.

It was a balm to read it.

A great gift for Christmas for you, your children but for your friends as well.

At the end of the book a special section for the readers.

I thank NetGalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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