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martedì, ottobre 18, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - A Countdown to Christmas - by Ace Collins

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - A Countdown to Christmas - by Ace Collins  published by Abingdon Press last Oct 4th is a beautiful Christian book for a good and felt preparation at Christmas Day.

Oh, Christmas what a wonderful period of the year. The feast of the Arrival of Little Jesus Christ, and a feast of course of joy, happiness because the arrival of a new life means that: joy.

Well I admit that these past Christmas have been very heavy personally, but although  this component, so not a real fairy tale, I can't help myself: I am a real Christmas Lover.

This book written with great inspiration and love will be very appreciated by all of you! I can tell you that and you know that you can trust me. This one is a beautiful, warm book for every Christian and for every person in love for Christmas. A wonderful gift, and a book able to introduce to every reader the feast in its totality, preparing the person at what it will be in spiritual terms of course, without forgetting the culinary part of the feast. Christmas means also big family reunions and launches and dinners of a certain importance, and guests and quality time spent with relatives and friends. A special section of each day taken in consideration, starting from Dec 1st dedicated at some handmade special gifts, my favorite ones, for someone we love.

You will find great recipes, some of them unknown to me, italian (and I love American recipes) but also, important words from Apostle Luke for remembering the moments of the arrival of little Jesus Christ to the world. A lot of suggestions in term of handmade gifts. They will cuddle the person will receive them.

Gifts mustn't be lived during the Christmas Time as something that "must be done." It is, this one, telling the truth a pagan tradition  and should be seriously respected.

Christmas existed also before the arrival of little Jesus Christ and Romans loved to present to their family members or friends little branches of some special trees that they considered blessed. The feast of Christmas before the arrival of Jesus was the celebration of light in the moment in which there was less light in the world.

Go for this book with complete trust. It's a perfect gift and a perfect preparation for your Christmas. Oh: and of course... Have a Merry Merry Christmas!

Anna Maria Polidori

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