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venerdì, ottobre 28, 2016

The Chef's Library - Favorite Cookbooks from the World's Great Kitchens - by Jenny Linford

I don't know you, but I am a passionate of cookbooks. They are the perfect door for looking at another culture more closely. There is not maybe a more powerful vehicle like food for defining a country.
Italy? It's pasta and pizza. France? Cheese in every sauce.
USA? Hamburger, french fries, sandwiches, robust food.
Food says a lot about the culture of a country, because we understand the most profound and indispensable habits of the citizens of a certain place.

I am a passionate of foreign food and being a Sagittarius when I go somewhere I love to taste the food of that country. It's a must and I know that it is a winning choice and experience everytime.

If you love to travel in your kitchen a lot, The Chef's Library - Favorite Cookbooks from the World's Great Kitchens - by Jenny Linford published by ABRAMS is the perfect book a real database of the most wonderful cookbooks existing in the face of this Earth.

It's a joy for the eyes and the belly this book where you will find the opportunity to discover wagons and wagons of cookbooks for every sorta of necessity and occasion. Do you want to pick up a book for an special dinner? Do you plan an international lunch and you want some inspiration from prestigious sources? Panic can't exist with this book by ABRAMS. Every possible curiosity will be satisfied. There will always be the perfect answer for your necessities.

Sometimes you will want to be less local and more cosmopolitan or maybe more citizen of this Old World, or old-fashioned for cooking or baking something delicious to your family or your friends. Don't worry: many great great cookbooks are waiting for you.

The book is divided per chapters. In the first one there a section of the Chef's favorites Cookbooks.
The second chapter will involve the cookbooks who in the years made the difference.
The third chapter is a Cookbook directory, so Cookbooks of the world, general cookbooks, specialty cookbooks and my favorite section: historical cookbooks!

Trust me: buy with joy and happiness this powerful and complete Library. It is the most delicious one existing in the world and it will be truly helpful in various moment and phases of your existence.

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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