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martedì, ottobre 04, 2016

Power Words What You Say Can Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer

Power Words What You Say Can Change Your Life  by Joyce Meyer and published last December by FaithWords is a very interesting, inspiring christian book.

I am always impressed when I read an American Christian book because I always think that these products are seriously very powerful. This one is powerful for sure.

The author, a God believer, tells in the book that when little she was abused and "thanks" maybe to this fact, she started a personal path, passing through a situation of anger, bitterness, at a very satisfying, plenty, successful and wonderful life.

In what way she did it? Thanks to God and her choice to follow Him and the Scriptures.

In this book the author focus on the importance of words. Sometimes they can be more heavy than stones, sometimes they can poison our life.

Words being powerful must be used carefully and we must pay attention at what we say.

Communication must be a healthy reason for sharing informations, with kindness.

If we believe in God we mustn't judge or report sad stories.
Sure sometimes problems are other ones says the authors: there are still the so-called by Meyer children believers, all that people who maybe are saying that they believe in God but that they haven't developed a full consciousness of what it wants to say.

But let's back to the power of words: what it is important to say?
When we speak we must be positive and we must spread positive thoughts.

We shouldn't never complain says the author because it is a sort of sin.

God uses submitted people add Meyer for messages that can change the course of nations, world, a church, a family.

Sure, a person should always be cleansed before to speak.
Also prophet Jeremiah learnt how to speak wisely slowly slowly.

Why words can be dangerous? Because we can help the devil, the enemy in its action on Earth.

If vice versa we speak kind words, we put in difficulty the reign of darkness.

Sure sometimes we speak without to think too much: it's a sort of childish habit, but we should lose this habit, add strongly the author.

Also during moments of stress we should be very courageous, trying to stay focused and not altered.

Then Meyer tells of the importance of faith.

We should cultivate faith. Sometimes our ideas of not being appreciated, or being neglected it's just a perception.
People are busy, maybe we have been misunderstood.
It's silly to cultivate resentment and bitterness because relationship would be ruined.
Tongue has the power of death and life.
It's possible to create life, or great destruction.
We should have hope, cultivate hope without to complain for everything.
In our society we have a lot of things in other countries there are not, and just for this reason admits the author of the book we should be very grateful to God.
Sure voices for complaining everyday are endless: traffic, housing, etc, but we all should resist angry words, and we should think positively. After all although traffic is a lot we have a car. House can give us problems but after all we have a house. Most people don't have a house and so on.

Life is not a perfect puzzle and maybe that's why it's so exciting.

Let's also remember that our words determines our future, and our present and that we mustn't never develop negative thinking because negative thinking is powerful exactly like the positive thinking but we should embrace God, thinking and living positively our present and our future, visualizing our expectations and our dreams. Stopping negative thoughts.

Plus let's try to see how we speak of our future giving it a great, good feedback.

At the end of the book three appendix.

I really enjoyed to read this book because of the wise words, and the encouragements contained. I suggest it to everyone for the powerful message. It can be a very good Christmas gift for sure.

I thank NetGalley and the publisher for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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