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domenica, ottobre 16, 2016

Everything I want to Eat by Jessica Koslow

Everything I want to eat - Sqirl and the New California Cooking - written by Jessica Koslow another  wonderful new book published by Abrams this October.
This time the culinary trip we will attend will involve not the East Coast but the City of Angels, a corner of the world, this one where, for a reason or another people do love to pay attention to their body and often curves not admitted.

The restaurant taken in consideration, inspiration and protagonist of this book The Sqirl. Sqirl  has as clients a lot of celebrities, screenwriters, writers, producers.
I was worried but not very surprised when I read that in Sqirl it's possible to taste a great coffee maybe more  lovely than our italian one. In California it's possible to re-create in fact every corner of the world and you can find every sorta of food. Italian one as well.

Sqirl one of the best, wonderful LA restaurant trendy and spectacularly attractive. It is so seducent that you can start a conversation with someone completely unknown, a real stranger to you since at 5 minutes before, making maybe a new and great connection. Power of great food and a wonderful relaxing and at the same time stimulating environment.

It's important to live a healthy life starting from food.
For actors but also for the rest of us it should be a priority a good and healthy body and mind because healtiest.

Sqirl is one of the preferred places for the  elite living in the city. Linda Obst in the showbusiness tells in the foreword the beauty of Sqirl.
Jessica Koslow, the lady launched Sqirl was and is a digital producer and although she worked with the best brands of this world she wasn't satisfied. She found joy and happiness, the real joy and happiness only when she was in the kitchen.
She understood while she was in NYC how hard was to maintain a restaurant in terms of responsibilities.
But she tried and she won once back to LA.
At first Sqirl was synonime of jams. Then thanks to a special rice produced by a family the idea of developing gluten-free food.  At the end of this process the decision of opening a restaurant.
Clients at Sqirl order variations at the recipes proposed.

As also specified before Los Angeles is a particular place and people do love to pay attention at what they eat, and not just for a story of a stunning body.
I was surprised to see in the book (section Meal) that you can find also rabbits recipes. In general rabbit is not an animal taken in consideration by Americans but in this case yes. The meat of rabbit in fact is very good and when there is some diet around doctors suggest to eat this kind of meat because healthy.
You will find with the various recipes also a lessons of rabbit butchery as the author calls it.
You'll also discover how to create the perfect jam thanks to the guidelines of the author. The wonderful rapsberry cardamom jam, the blenheim apricoaft jam, the romantic strawberry rose verankium jam won't have anymore secrets to you.

In the Eggs and Toasts section I love to suggest you the tasty recipe ot Vegetally versatile frittata but of course you can try the ricotta toast a brioche, burnt with seasonal jam and house-made ricotta. Yum!
The Avocado Toast it's with garlic and pickled carrots.

In the section Grains and Beans The Brown Rice Porridge is a must of the restaurant and you should try it in particular during the winter-time when it's fresher  and people wants to taste something different for breakfast.
It's a veggy recipe similar to a famous danish dish.

Vegetables section: I want to suggest you the super green spring with pea salad date jam lemon ricotta and mint salsa verde.

Meat: Cured bacon.

Fish: It's an interesting recipe this one salmon with sorrel pesto. Plus the  Squid toast seems  delicious. Baccalà is a great fish that we also love to eat in our area. The recipe proposed by Sqirl is Baccalà Flower Pot.
Pastry are immensely tasty and prepared with great accuracy and with various tricks so that people can enjoy a good banana bread completely vegan and made with carrots. Less calories but same great taste.

Many intriguing recipes for great desserts. I love in particular the malva pudding cake with apricoats.
If you want something delicious try the hazelnut torte with rapsberry jam, ganache and toasted meringue.

The upside-down is a great cake because you can use pear, or blood orange. A rich recipe with caramel.
If you wish a tasty cake for your tea with friends there is the cardamom doughnut-ish tea  cakes.

Drinks are plenty of imagination. We find the  Cascara Tea a creation with coffee cherries, chicory cloud  a versatile alternative to caffeine-free beverage.

Lait 'n' egg is from a Vietnanese recipe imported by an employer of the Sqirl.

Orange vanilla soda is for your hot summers.

In the Larder section I suggest you the Almond Milk, Magic Green Sauce.

A beautiful, healthy original cook book, perfect for a gift or perfect for ourselves.

I thanks NetGalley and Abrams for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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