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giovedì, febbraio 06, 2014

An incredible Hero

Commodore Norrington was watching out of the window of his office.


”May you be cursed Jack Sparrow. You have destroyed my life. My future with Elizabeth thanks to you is over”.

While he was thinking this, he drunk some rum from a dirty  bottle found on his dusty writing desk.

“I hadn’t never drunk. All my life sober. Now I can’t resist to alchol. I am damaging my body, my brain, my existence and all of it for you, Liz. May you go to hell”.

Commodore Norrington was in therapy from various months. A good chap, quiet old, but great listener, called by some Norrington’s friends listened everyday what the Commodore had to saying and thinking about the situation he was living at the moment.

Commodore Norrington's friends were worried.

Norrington in fact was living an innatural immobilism remembering only the past, forgetting and destroying the present without to being able to carry on with the proper energy.

The big opportunity that it is the word we all call: future! to him was absent.

This therapy-session was another painful moment:

“Charlie, you see I could be married, I could have had some children, while unfortunately my future is based on...solitude, sadness,. I am alone. Alone with alchol, alone with my desperation”.

Charlie nodded although he was looking at him with attention. 

The good and patient psychologist couldn’t understand why a very good-looking man like Commodore Norrington refused to hooking up with other girls.

Why, in a word, couldn’t he take in consideration other women apart that fussy Elizabeth? Mistery.
Was it pride? Was it love? 

“You should try to go out, you should try to....” insisted Charlie immediately interrupted by Norrington.

“No no no.....Can’t you see I am desperate? Can’t  you see that there is no more future to me?”

“A book, a journal....Something like that. You should try” addid serafic, Charlie.

“...Fut...What? What did you say Charlie? Please can you repeat?”

“Of course. A book. Why don’t you write a book of memory? Yes: telling to everyone your experience with Captain Jack Sparrow? I am sure that putting down the words you will cure your depression. You will be fine then. You can publish it. The book would be successful and you will be much more happy and cheerful. People love these stories. Adventure, passion, life, death, sex, ocean, freedom....”

Norrington  looked at him with immense gratitude and attention. In general Charlie’s advices were always great.

“Good good good. I think Charlie that you have just given to me the best idea for destroying definitively destroying the wonderful, heroic, incredibly legendary life of Captain Jack Sparrow”.

“Of course” added Charlie.

“Yes Charlie, this one will be my revenge. I will write down everything”.

A week later the first journal containing maps of treasure islands, considerations, drawnings, paintings, was completed.

Commodore Norrington in the while thought that writing was so funny and stimulating.

“Oh Charlie I love it so badly. Have you read my first three journals?”

“Oh yes. I found them very exciting. I am sure that if you would contact a house publishing they would be happy to put these words in a book. I am more than sure”.

“Do you think so?”

“Of course, I do”.

“Oh thank you Charlie, I will go immediatley to talk with mr. Richardson”.

Mr. Richardson was a respectable and successful man, editor of the Port Royal’s newspaper: “Port Royal Gazette”. Pretty fat, lazy, great eater and drinker, he was so happy to seeing the Commodore in a good mood.

Everyone knew the pains lived by mr.Norrington and everyone tried to help him in various measure and ways.

“So, what can I do for you Commodore? I see you in a very good mood. But first: Would you accept a cup of tea with some biscuits?”

“Oh, of course, mr Richardson, of course, yes please” said a smiling Norrington.

So while they were drinking their cup of tea with  delicious biscuits homemade by mrs Richardon,  Commodore Norringtong asked to the editor:

“You know I trust you a lot. Maybe you will know that I am writing these journals lately".

Mr Richardon smiled: "Yes I know that".

Everyone knew that. Little places no secrets. And they all thought that they had to be hallucinating memories  let's add this.

Commodore Norrington: "Do you think that these books could potentially be a big success? Here there are  various journals I brought with me for you....”

Mr. Richardson analyzed them while he was sipping his second cup of tea.

He thought: "Wonderful, this ones are wonderful!" He  nodded and with sparkling eyes to Commodore Norrington:

“I do, I do, Commodore. I hadn’t never read something like it. Everyone will want to buy your books. Trust me. I will add more: to me the echoes of your work will touch, if you’ll want, other places, and distant lands. It will be a planetarian success. Just add for me some bits, will you? Here and there. A map in the third book, another in the eighth book , and then it will be done.. We will start to release the first one as son a spossible. Commodore: your life I am sure will change forever and for...better”.

Commodore smiled back to him with immense gratitude shaking mr.Richandson's hand with immense joy, energy and happiness.

Once back home he locked himself in his bedroom where he worked nights and days.  Final chapters needed to being enriched of particulars, he added bits, drawinings, places as wanted and requested by mr Richardon.

In the while he asked for tea, many bottles of rums. His face became slowly slowly the devastated face of a sleepless man. Eventually, one day, he fainted.

Jim, his butler, opened the door. He had felt this strange deaf sound ad he was prepared to all the possible eventualities.

Without changing his facial expression, but with a sensation of liberation: “Oh, the books are completed. What a great news”. He opened the window for fresh air.

He picked up the last book and put it on the very chaotic writing desk, where empty cups of teas, co-lived together with spiders, mosquitos, bottles of rums pretty gone, dust, pieces of papers, and not identified other objects. Jim added a blanket to Commodore Norrington and then left silently the room .

The launch of the book was the biggest event lived by the Port Royalers. Commodore Norrington signed millions of books. He was tired that evening once back home but incredibly cheerful. “Yes Jack this one is my personal revenge. You are destroyed now. Public opinion will hate you forever and ever”.

Immediately after the book was released, all the Port Royal teen-agers bought each one their own copy of the stunning memories by Commodore Norrington: “My life with Jack Sparrow. Commodore Norrington’s Memories.”

Girls dreamed the beautiful, fascinating and tremendously handsome Jack Sparrow.

Will, the adventurous, more tender and ingenous one was another character able to attracting them all.

Will in fact decided for love to giving up with his  life as a blacksmith joining the piracy and Jack Sparrow in crazy adventures in the Seas and Oceans of this world.  How many Will existed in this world? Not too many. No, they didn’t exist. Not like these two characters, they concluded dreaming again their Jack or Will.

Boys were enchanted by the piracy’s life. They dreamed to being proud pirates, meeting wonderful and enchanting mermaids, repeating Ulysses’s experience, discovering wonderful and priceless treasures....They dreamed to fight against enemies, giant marine cretures, becoming rich and tasting the total freedom a pirate's life can bring.

The book, considered the biggest success of all the times was launched in the entire Reign and in a few weeks Commodore Norrington had sold millions copies of the first book. He started to be requested by many prestigious magazines. Newsmagazines requested him for interviews, meetings. He was a phaenomenal man.

Norrington traveled around the world meeting  journalists, ambassadors, professors, teachers, students. He always told and explained the tragic, nice exilarant adventures of the most terrible pirate of all the Seas: Jack Sparrow with great passion.

One day, someone, just for case asked: “Do you think that Sparrow is still alive?” Commodore Norrington’s answer was a revelation: “Of course, he is!”

Oh my, no possible! He is still alive. He is still alive. The news spreaded in the four corners of the world at the velocity of the light.

Jack Sparrow still alive and maybe still very handsome as told by Commodore Norrington in his books.

Someone thought that his character was invented.

But so: if Jack was still alive where the hell was he living now?

Commodore Norrington had written in total twelve books of adventures about Jack and company. People wanted to seeing for once their hero! The hero of these tales.

The Port Royal Gazette was forced to write down some articles about Jack Sparrow.

Mr.Richardson was constricted to follow the latest events.

“Claire, please go to the local school and ask to the children why they want to see Sparrow. This one won’t be a great news for Commodore Norrington, I am pretty upset for all of it. He was so happy, but we are receving too many letters about adoring people asking for Sparrow. Ah: later, why don’t you go at Will Turner’s house? But...change your look. Be very elegant and sensual. Will loves these kind of ladies. High heels, some lipstick. Fashion, fashion Claire. Possible your hair are always so terrible? Ah: and remember to be very intriguing and seducent. Keep your skirt short, your breast in great evidence. I am sure we can discover where Jack is with great simplicity with this method”.

Claire laughed.
“I thought that Will was very in love for Elizabeth. Don’t they have an entire crew of children? A little soccer team?”

“Yes yes yes. Of course, of course. It's just... He loves beautiful and cured women. That's it. A good impression can hide your real purpose too. Men are men don’t you know that? They become deficient when they see a sexy woman. Ok.  Come on. You’ll be great. Go go, and try to ask to the children why they want to meet Sparrow. What a problem this one now. I am seriously worried for the mental stability of Commodore Norrington”.

At the school the interview with the journalist was a real joy.

“Why would you want to see captain Sparrow?” asked Claire.

“It would be wonderful to meet a real pirate, don’t you tink so? And this one seems to be a very good chap” said a kid.

“He is nice” another one.

“Why? But because I want to marry him” added a blonde and dreaming teen-ager.

“He is comical” another one.

“Come on he can’t be able to kill a mosquito. Commodore Norrington invented most of it. I am sure of it” was sure a kid of not more than 8 years.

These ones the opinion of the children.

Once back home Clarie changed her look for her meeting with Will Turner.

In the while, a big big big drama was going on in Commodore Norrington’s house:

"No, no no, no!!!!!! BOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!Charlie, what did I do? Have you got an anti-depressive for case?”
“No, I do no need them”.
“Not for you, deficient. For me!”

“Ah, ok, no sir I am sorry. Why am I finding you today in a so miserable condition?”

Norrington opened one of the thousand letters he was surrounded of.  With fury. Hallucinating eyes.

“Look these ones, Charlie. Letters, letters of fans. Because of my book”.

“I see. It sounds good”.

“IT’S NOT!!!!!! Read this one: “Oh mr. Norrington do you think that we can see again mr Sparrow to Port Royal? Will you invite him here for us?

And this one:
I love Jack!!!!!! Mr. Snorrington (this one didn't spell very well my surname booohhhh!!!!!). Can you send me the Jack's address?

And this last one: “Can’t live anymore without Jack......”

Commodore Norrington threw away all the food he had eated, drunk some rum and continued:

“Charlie, I created a demon. A monster. Someone not just accepted by the society, but WANTED  by everyone although he is  a terrible criminal.
He is loved much more than me. But why? Where are old values? Where are old values? Me, the justice and order. Me: Law and Order considered like a coward, like a nothing. An ungrateful chap”.


“YOU!....YES, YOU......” said Norrington pointing his finger in Charlie’s direction.

“IT’S ONLY YOUR FAULT!!!!”  cried Norrington exasperated.

“You should try to stay more calm mr Norrington. High pressure can be devastating” said a pretty worried Charlie.

“It’s all your fault if I am right now in these bad waters”.

“Bad waters? Are you sure they’re? I think that you are more rich than most of the living people of this world. Your quality life is bettering everyday” insisted Charlie.

“Yes, yes, it’s true, it’s true, it’s true....” added Commodore Norrington. “That is for sure. Yes it’s good”.

“In fact...”

“But Jack Sparrow...”

“Oh come on....We can’t be sure that he is still alive mr. Norrington. Perhaps some sharks ate him with great pleasure. Or perhaps he is dead. Who knows where is Jack Sparrow now.  Do you know that for case?"  asked a curious Charlie with nonchalance.

“No no of course no and yes yes, of course it can be true. I am sure he is dead”.

“So mr. Norrington please calm down, calm down and calm down again!”.

“Yes, you are right Charlie. Sometimes I am a real deficient”.

“That’s for sure”.


“Oh well I am sure that Jack is dead”

“Ah, ok....”

Will Turner was sat at his writing desk in a lazy friday afternoon. Elizabeth tried to calm down the children. Four, beautiful but vivacious creatures. They wanted in the order to playing, to drawning, to going out......

”Mom I would love to playing with my little mate Richard” said Rob. Liz smiled. She had a good word for everyone: “Ok ok.... We will call him, just give me some time. What do you say if we leave for Rob’s house?” The children: “Yes, HOOOORAY!!!!! Mom you are the BEST!!!!!”

In the while Liz watched Will smiling to him with complicity.

“Are you sure you do no need any help Liz?” asked Will.

“Although this fifth pregnancy is giving to me some disturbs, no thanks Will, I am sure I can keep  them all calm, my dear. In the while we will go at at Richard’s house for a visit. Oh, please Will write down this letter for Jack with the calm and the serenity of this moment.

It’s a long time we don’t hear from him. We can send the letter through captain Smith as usual”.

“Yes I know....I miss our common friend, Liz”-

“I know Will. The beginning of everything....”

Will smiled back to her with his melancholic smile while he was starting without wife and children around the letter for his best mate Jack.

Port Royal, 18/5/1818
My dear Jack,
How are you?
All our beautiful family is missing you so much. I should tell to you the latest novelties after a long period of silence and “absence”.
I just hope that you will forgive me for not have been in touch with you so often but life has been pretty frenetic this past years.
I married Liz five yrs ago and we have been blessed with four chidlren. We are waiting the fifth one. I love very numerous families and I lost my dad very soon. I try to give to them all a regular life the one I hadn’t had.
Children are great adorable peasts. I try to be a good parent. Not too much severe, but at time...Believe me it is difficult....
I can’t know how Liz, pregnant again, can cope with all of them. She is adorable. We live a harmonic relationship. We are very happy together, mate, believe me.
I was back to my old blacksmith’s work. It’s very good. I am the only Port Royal’s blacksmith, so business is good. Mr. Brown retired four yrs ago and I decided to buying his activity. I have two employes with me, Steve and Paul. A great help.

Did you know that Commodore Norrington wrote twelve books about all our adventures? Oh Jack, they’re very accurate memories. I miss that old times.

Can you think to stop by here sometimes? We wait you! We miss you too much. Come on we will drink a good glass of rum remembering the old times.

Will, Liz & Family

Will was smiling satisfied for this letter while he felt a persisting knock at the door.

Claire was pretty agitated. Lipstick was sufficient? Hair  combed well? Shirt seducent?

Will opened immediately. He knew Claire, he knew she was the journalist of the “Port Royal Gazette”  but he hadn’t never seen her under this perspective. A lot of make-up, high heels, beautiful smile, wonderfully combed hair. Another person for sure.

Claire remembered what said to her the editor Richardson: "Don't lose time, be seducent...."

“Oh hi mr.Turner, have you got some moment for me? Won’t I disturb you, no....?” she said her with the most sensual voice she could find, vivaciously. Will was confused. The perfume Claire was wearing was hypnotic, too. Was that the girl he knew? No, no possible. This one was another person.

“Oh no no absolutely. Please come on in” said Will while he was watching persistingly Clarie’s breast.

“Oh mr Turner, said Claire, I know that you are a very close Jack Sparrow’s friend You know. I read all Commodore’s Norrington’s books. I find them fascinating, don’t you find them fascinating too? I think that our editorial idea has been incredibly winning” said Claire, while she was always more close to him, smiling sensually, while at the same time she was giving a look at the room. Will was very confused. He didn’t wait this arrival. He was still thinking of Jack, Liz, their adventures all together.

“Ehem, can I offer you a tea for starting? I-I-I was drinking a tea” he said more confused than ever.

“Oh yes, of course” added Claire. The editor added to being insisting in the approach.

“Try with a lot of compliments. Will will appreciate them a lot” he had concluded .

“Oh  mr. Turner, I appreciate a lot your work as blacksmith.You are incredible. We have a lot of your creations in our house”.

“Yes, ehm I find fascinating your work to. I wouldn't be able to writing anything” added Will all red.

“Oh mr. Turner, it’s not so difficult. It’s just necessary to take a pen with this hand and start to write down what I think. Ideas, thoughts, imagination, real facts....Fantasy....”

Claire in the while noticed the writing desk where there was a letter still written recently it seemed.

Will in the while started to appreciating Claire’s company.

“ Enjoy this sofa, Claire” added Will serving the tea. Claire joined him with pleasure.

 “So tell me Will, can I call you Will?”

“Of course Claire. How old are you?”

“28 Will”.

“Beautiful age”.

“Oh but you are still handsome. I see a lot of muscles through that shirt”.

Will smiled. It was an age he wasn't courted by someone.

Claire asked after it while she was caressing Will's arm: “So, Will tell me, you were Jack’s best friend, true?”

Will became red like a pepper again.

“Yes-yes-yes---I was....”

“Oh good, added Claire always more close to him and at the same time changing position so that she could see the written paper and maybe what was written on it.

 “His best friend", she whispered close to one of his ear....


Their mouths were so close. Will was trying to kiss her when Claire read what she had to read. The letter was addressed to Jack.

It was a revelation.

She dropped from the sofa.

"Claire, are you fine?" aseked a puzzeled and confused Will.

Claire gave a final and rivelative look to the letter.

“Oh I am sorry Willl. I am very happy to know you were a close Jack’s friend. I am sorry but now I must leave. Oh: Thanks for your tea. It will be for another time....”.

Will was dreaming of something different at the moment and the brutality of that istant presented to him a lot of delusion and surprise. “But....” he was just able to saying while he was watching the girl leaveing the house rushing rushing away. From him.

“Look, Harry don’t let me play anymore parts like these ones because they’re not for me” Claire laughed talking with mr. Richardon once arrived at the workplace.

“But it worked....Men are like it, Claire. I see that anyway you are not so bad with this make-up and a good dress”.
“Oh well come on do you want to be the next one?”
"Nah I can be your dad. Come on: tell me everything".
“For what I understood Jack Sparrow does want to keep secret the place where he is living in.
But tomorrow everyone will know that! He is still living at Tortoise. That’s what I saw with my eyes. Will in fact had written to him a letter and I read Jack Sparrow's address. He lives in a tavern”.

“My precious journalist!”
“Thanks!” laughed happy, Clarie. “Do you think  I can have a future like actress too?”
“Oh I would be sure of it, but you are too much precious here” added mr Richardson.

The day after the article was released.


Will was pretty upset for what it was going on. He was also living a sort of personal turnmoil.

“But Will Are you sure you didn’t tell anything to that journalist? I know Claire. She doesn’t sleep” asked a worried Elizabeth.

“No no and no, Liz. How many times should I repeat this to you? She has been here just ten minutes  for asking to me if I knew Jack and  asking if he was so brave as told in the books.....”

“”You didn’t notice anything of strange?”

Will became very red: “No, well later she left without saying the reason. Maybe, yes, she added she was late”.

"But strange, Will. Why late if she had to talk to you about Jack? I mean there is not too much rationality in all this tale. But do you know that I think? To me she read Jack’s address and left because she had obtained what she needed. She is a real fox that girl”.

To Will that one was a devastating shocking news. Manipulated by a girl for an information like that one.That day at work he was of a very bad mood with everyone.

“Charlie have you got a handkechief” asked a tribulated Commodore Norrington.

“Of course I have”

“Can you give me that Charlie, please?”

“It’s very dirty”.


“Jack Sparrow’s re-born” whispered Charlie.

“What did you say Charlie?”

“Oh, nothing. The good story and quality writing are the main elements that decreeted your great success and your new life-style”.

“Sure. It’s terribly true Charlie, terribly true. Thanks”

“Not at all. It’s part of my job”.

“No no, Charlie, not for that. Thanks for the hankerchief”.

The “Blue Horizon” every week stopped at

Will’s wife had given to captain Smith a letter for Jack, but thanks to that news, many other letters, postcards, greetings cards, were also brought to Tortoise at the most famous pirate of the history of the world.

Jack Sparrow was sat to the saloon drinking a glass of rum.

“Come on mate. Last night I met this mermaid. She was enchantingly beauty. I can’t describe to you everything. But she had a breast....Big like this---- and I said to her: Come on let’s have some fun together. And do you know what did she answer me back?”

Men and women were all listening to his words with great attention. “No, Jack what did she say?”

“Of coouuurse, Jack. I know that you are the best one!”

Many people in the tavern of the Shark &Dolphin knew very well that the imagination of Jack Sparrow was mytical. It was a long time that he wasn’t sailing the seas and he missed his old life a lot. Four, five years of absence ment a lot for this wolf of the sea.

“The Mermaid added that she wanted to talk with me the King of the Sea the only one able to let her feel a real...mermaid! And you know what I want to say of course”

“Come on Jack....Now a mermaid too!” added Astrid, the co-owner of the tavern.

“Making love with a mermaid is a great exprience, believe me Astrid, much more good than not with a girl”.

“But if they eat men Jack”
“Can I add...perhaps just methaphorically Astrid?”
“Oh, you are terrible!!!!” said Astrid, throwing to him a dish cloth!

“Whoooohoooooo what are we saying here?” added an old man.

In the while the captain of the Blue Horizon had reached Tortoise.

“I need some help with all these baskets of letters. So: all sailors, with me to the tavern of the Shark&Dolphin”.

Once arrived captain Smith asked: “Are you for case the famous Jack Sparrow?”

Jack looked at him with attention before to answering: “But for case...Did I meet you somewhere in the past?’”

“No mate, just...You know...You’ve got mails!” said the captain and in the while all his sailors brought him baskets and baskets of letters dispatched from Port Royal to him.

 “This one is from Will and Liz, and this one from Mr. Swann” added mr Smith , and left the place without other words.

Pirates! Pirates were becoming famous. What a ridiculous world this one.

Captain Sparrow was shocked. At first he couldn’t find any word. He hadnt never received any letter. He didn’t pay bills or anything else being a pirate. He was a free man. What was going on now?

“This one is an invite Jack. An official invite sent from a very respectful man” said Astrid.

An invite? To him? But...come on he wasn’t a respectable man at all.

One of the old mate that was listening his mermaid story tried to ask to him more details: “So the mermaid? What happened later?”

“The mermaid....”
“Yeah that one Jack....”
“Yes, that one Jack....”
“Oh, she was, she was, she was....” and saying that he fainted for the shock.

All the people were incredibly surprised because of it. “Air, air, let him breath, poor captain Sparrow. Too many emotions all in one. Bring some vinegar. He will be fine soon”.

When Jack was ok he started to read the various letters received. One was sent by Charlie:

“I am a psychologist mr Sparrow. I follow Commodore Norrington. Desperation changed him a lot. I hope you can come over and let him know that he is simply the best. He needs help from the past and I can’t help him because I am only his present”
Charly Fox

Ps: I am a great fan of your braveries mr Sparrow. If one day you will sail again the Old Seas of this world, please let me know that, I want to be part of your crew!!!”

Jack reading these letters from the entire world was pretty scared by the demostration of love he was receiving. He couldn’t believe it.

“I am dreaming. I knew that Commodore Norrington wrote some books about me, but....I can’t believe it. Did I become popular because of it?”

“Yes Jack, because of your temerariety” added Astrid.”Do you need another pint of beer? “Oh yes please” said Jack.

Readig Will’s letter he felt a lot of melancholy for his friends too.
“We were so closed friends with all of them Astrid...”

“But so why don’t you return to Port Royal? “
“And if they are joking and they will put me to jail once I touch that land again? I have been saved once, twice but....”

“Oh come on Jack, you see just negativity. Go for it. You’ll see. You’ll have some fun and you will meet again your friends Will and Liz”.

The third letter sent officially by mr Swann, Elizabeth’s dad, was an official invite.

“This one makes me crazy. I can’t believe that mr. Swann has invited me to Port Royal".

“Yes Jack. Please accept Jack and enjoy your staying there! Can you promise it to me?” asked Astrid

In the while Commodore Norrington was destroyed.

“Oh no no no no Charlie!!!!!!!!! But look: what is it going on? Why someone like him is so appreciated and no one is searching for me?”

With serenity Charlie: “You see you have built up a star thanks to your books.

Mr. Sparrow is a hero now. A legendary hero. Of course you musn’t think that they are considering him a good mate. If they would spend some time with him they would immediately feel a sensation of disgust”.

“Are you sure Charlie?”

“Of course I do Sir”

“Why to you  girls wants to flirt with him and not with me?”

“Pardon Sir, but you have specified that you want just Elizabeth and girls can’t be interested to flirting with someone who is in love with someone else. Or better. Not all the times”.

A dark shadow appeared in Commodore Norrington’s eyes: “Elizabeth....”

Charlie lost his patience saying what he thought: “Yes Commodore: fourth children and a fifth one in arrival. She is not anymore the most attractive and young girl you had known. You should try to go out with another girl. You would be ok very soon”

“Yes yes yes yes yes, I know I know I know that Charlie, you are right. But I can’t stop of thiking of her”.

“You can’t live in the past Commodore”


“Come on, come on Commodore. Do you want another glass of rum for case?” asked Charly while he was patting his shoulder.

“Oh yes, thanks”

“Come on Commodore, drink it. You’ll be fine very soon!”.

In the while Astrid and mermaids apart, Sparrow’s had tons of lovers here and there and everywhere. Toirtoise wasn’t an exception.

 “Oh no: but where Jack will go? How can we cope without him and his absence?” said all of these adoring girls ad women so densperate.

“Giselle, said Jack after their love-meeting I need to leave Tortoise for some time".

“Why? Where will you go Jack?”

“I don’t know”

“What did you say? Please can you repeat? You are the usual old Jack. You won’t never change!” said while she was leaving Jack’s bedroom bringing with her all her clothes.

Jack drunk another bit of rum adding: “Fortunately!”

Jack didn’t join the “Blue Horizion”.

He still had somewhere the Black Pearl.
It was the most memorable arrival that the story of that little place is remembering.
It became legendary.

People were all so excited to meeting Jack, shaking his hand, kissing him at time with too much passion. They all blessed him for the “funny personality, bravery and courage”.

Boys asked to join him again in case he would have wanted to live some other extraordinary adventure.

Girls adored him.

Mr. Swann presented to him the Port Royals’ pergamen of citizenship and a symbolical copy of the key of the city.

Jack learned to write in the while and so he signed autographs to everyone.

In the while Jack Sparrow had totally forgotten what according to Charlie he had to saying to Commodore Norrington.

Commodore in the while had discovered how big and ungrateful place was Port Royal and decided to leave that place.

The last outrageous fact was discovering that Charlie, his adorate Charlie was another great Jack Sparrow’s fan.

That night he decided to kill Jack. He waited patiently for Jack in Jack's bedroom ready for stabbing him but when Jack said him: “Hello commodore, how are you mate?” the Commodore fell in love for him asking to him an autograph.

“Oh Jack, I missed you a lot!”

Later, when he left the bedroom he decided to leaving Port Royal forever for the shame.

That night Jack learned that it was much more important to be loved than to be hated.

He didn’t never become a good person and he didn’t change his life-style either.

He didn’t stop to drink rum or be a pirate.

But...He was considered by all the nicest, loved, most protected pirate that the Story can remember.

His legend is still alive in the heart of the people.

His message of  freedom, bravery, courage ad a legendary life remembered by everyone.


 Anna Maria Polidori

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