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sabato, febbraio 22, 2014

Actor Martin Sheen returns to Gubbio Project for the first 10th year Anniversary!

Martin Sheen and his special connection with the Gubbio Project
Match 27th: a special date for the Gubbio Project

It's with great excitment that the team and staff of the Gubbio Project, located in the church of Saint Boniface,  San Francisco, California, Usa, is announcing that, for the first 10th Anniversary Feast of The Gubbio Project, this next march 27th (inspired as maybe all of you will know to our city and the legend of Saint Francis and the wolf), actor and activist Martin Sheen will return for a speaking event. Ten years, such a time! that the "Scred Sleep" in St.Boniface church is active giving hope and rest, and some good quality time to all that people, the last of tis world, the homeless, abandoned from the rest of the society.
The staff wants to celebrate with all the population surrounding the area and so they add: "
"Please reserve the evening on your calendars for what will be a fantastic event featuring Mr. Sheen". There is such enthusiasm and details will be spreaded next days. Tickets are not yet available, but they will be very soon.

 We will keep you updated for sure!
Great Gubbio Project. Proud of you for sure! 
Anna Maria Polidori

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