lunedì, giugno 18, 2018

The Snowman Paul Series Vol. 1-4 by Yossi Lapid Illustrated by Joanna Pasek.

The Snowman Paul Series Vol. 1-4 by Yossi Lapid is a little treasure that you will appreciate so badly I can tell you that. The episodes for your children are: My SnowMan Paul where we assist at the creation and friendship of SnowMan Paul with Dan. The second one, SnowmanPaul at the Winter Olympics tells the story of powerful SnowMan Paul in grade to win every possible medal because helped by Mother Nature. So tender the end of the story.
The third and most yummy story is called SnowMan Paul Saves Kate's Birthday. It's the birthday of Kate but someone let's put things in this way couldn't resist at that beautiful birthday cake and...ATE IT! Help! What can SnowMan Paul does for saving the situation?
The fourth story is Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall. SnowMan Paul this time will be motivated to learn to play some musical instruments and also to perform in public.

I find these stories of Snowman Paul so cute, tender, beauty, and relaxing, and illustrated magnificently well by Joanna Pasek.

I know that your children will adore them!

I thank the author for this ebook!

Anna Maria Polidori

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