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Futur Artic Field Notes from a World on the Edge by Edward Struzik

Futur Artic Field Notes from a World on the Edge by Edward Struzik published by Island Press is the chronicle of what will happen these next decades to the Artic if the state of things will remain this one.


When global change became a reality? It happened in Canada, Alberta.
It was 1950.  People didn't imagine a different future from the secure one in which they were living in. A wild fire for 222 days burned more than 3.5 million acres.
Not only: this fire was spotted also in Northern European countries, can you imagine it, as in the USA, as well.

But what about the Artic? The Artic has a special population of animals, let's remember caribou, reindeer, polar bears, seal.
In 2100 probably there won't be any more ice and of course these spieces will find a different environment if of course they will be in grade to survive. Maybe the polar bear will start to be a great mate of the Grizzly the biggest American bear, more adaptable in that new conditions.

Problems won't effect just animals devastated, disoriented if not disappeared from this abrupt climatical "diversification" and conditions but also people strongly connected with an eco-system that it is changing, like the native American tribe of the Inuit. The adaptation at the climate change have created a diversified approach during the years also in the members of this tribe involving their hunting, their favorite meal and meat, but losing that territory as they remember it, a magical land where animals, like the Polar Bear and the rest of them are celebrated in legends and tales will mean a strong impact for sure.

A curiosity expressed by the author intrigued me a lot. In the remote past the Artic was a fertile region, with a good eco-system mammoths including, and that was why they were discovered in the Artic. The future of the Artic will return to be this one 'till at the next...Glaciation!

I thank NetGalley and Island Press for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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