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No more bonbons, no more jelly! What you gonna do with all that belly? by Daniel Georges

Beautiful children's book this one written and illustrated by Daniel Georges: No more bonbons, no more jelly! What you gonna do with all that belly? Published by Asala Publishers.

This children's book is not just fun and colored but it is a great lesson for everyone.
Let's see: who, during the childhood don't remember with great love the sweet candies we ate with great love? We all have memories of our sweet addictions. We would have wanted to swim in the marshmallow, we would have wanted to eat, perennially eat, sweet things.

Like Ronnie does.
He eats, he eats, and he eats compulsively eats bonbons and jelly all the time.
Alone, with friends, who cares? Then once, an evening when he goes to bed he imagines...
He imagines that his yellow little bear sat pacifically on his desk could become  big and big and big so that he can eats a lot of bonbons and jelly. An immensity of candies.
Be careful what you wish for tell a saying, that night the bear starts to be animated, eating all the stuff he meets along his way, from the furniture in Ronnie's bedroom, with great horror, and then outside, same story with all the things he sees. Yes, ahem this bear doesn't go just for honey, you know.

Poor Ronnie is devastated: "No, no please, look at your belly! It's enormous" tells the kid devastated to the bear.
The bear doesn't know what to do for bettering his devastated body and so the kid starts with him a gym session. The bear will restore his body and will magically return to be little and pacific sat inanimated as the perfect guardian on Ronnie's bedroom's desk and Ronnie after that, who knows? nightmare, premonition, learns an important lesson: moderation!

I loved this children's book so badly! and I highly suggest it to all of you in particular if, as a parent you have some kid too in love for jelly and bonbons ;-)

I thank Library Thing and Daniel Georges for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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