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Atlante Leggendario delle Strade d'Islanda, "The Legendary Atlas of Iceland's Roads" edited by Jon R.HJALMARSSON and translated by Silvia Cosimini

What a joy to receive and read Atlante Leggendario delle Strade d'Islanda, "The Legendary Atlas of Iceland's Roads" published by Iperborea with great success.
This book can be seen and used as a touristic folklorist guide in one of the most enchanting corner and magical lands of all the Northern European Countries if you are planning a trip in Iceland or as a great reading during the summer or winter-time and for being re-read a lot of times.

Edited by Jon R.HJALMARSSON and translated by Silvia Cosimini  divided in various areas, and following the highway number one this book collects for every territory peculiar stories and characters starting the tales with the legend of a cruel whale. At first the whale was a man, but this man didn't recognize the child he had had with an elf and so he became this terrible animal.

Another tale speaks of the devil. He loved to compose with a poet some verses. At the end the poet will be tired of the company of the devil...

There is a special hill where you can asks for three wishes if you won't look back and if you won't talk at all.

The legend of Sveinn will speak of elves, a lot of tales of peaceless phantoms, but also of the  tricks of a peasant in search of help for cutting  his grass. Everyone had cut the grass. That year the peasant asked this favor at the devil in person.

The devil in general is read in these legends, mainly as an ingenuous chap that men can cheat after all.

Interesting the legend of the girl who killed herself and the destiny of the reverend object of her love.

There are legends of gratitude, like the ones of Snorri and his lost sheep kept well during the winter-time in a distant land by another peasant. For this reason Snorri will be very gentle with him.

A particular meaning has Christmas Time.

I found enchanting the legend of Pordur because also in this case we see another gesture of gratitude.

It is better as we will see to believe in legends. Once a peasant tried to continue to live in the same farm for more than 20 years and his wife disappeared because of it.

Tender the story of the peasant and the white bear. The white bear fed him up and the peasant won't forget this gesture.
There are stories of trolls, but also of a gentle female troll, can you believe it?

A queen of the elves will be set free and a seal transformed in a devoted wife. A man who firstly had kept away her seal's skin later found the seal transformed in a beautiful and naked girl. He kept jealously the skin of this seal in a special place, but one day...

Enjoy also the wonderful hilarious tale of the Wise Reverend and the devil.

The fairy-tale of the newt is symbolic of situations that we can experience in our life.

Beautiful, wonderful I read this book in few hours. Enjoy it, because it is a dreaming book!

Highly recommended.

I thank Iperborea for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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