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More Than Just Making It Hope for the Heart of Financially Frustrated by Edin Odom

More Than Just Making It Hope for the Heart of Financially Frustrated by Erin Odom the so-called Humbled Homemaker because later Erin created a beautiful blog about this thematic published by West Bow Press E-Books is a beautiful and captivating book and you won't never put it down, because too interesting.

The real story told in this stunning book that you will appreciate if you are poor, because helpful, like also if you are rich and you want to save much more money becoming frugal, is this one.

Will and Erin are a wonderful couple. They grew up in two middle-class families in the 80s and 90s with a strong christian touch and at the same time with a certainty: that they wouldn't never experienced poverty but that they would have lived a wonderful existence plenty of satisfactions.
They attended private schools all the time, college included and they knew that they would have been winners.

Poverty was lived as a distant scenario, something that wouldn't never been part of their lives and poor people were the ones they looked at distantly.

The two got married, bought a beautiful house, both teachers their income was good, 65.000 dollar per year, but when the wild wind of the big financial crisis and recession appeared to the horizon affecting a lot of families and putting them in a condition of misery, also their family was invested by this terrible condition. 
Will and Erin lost their work abandoning their house and returning at Erin's parents' home just for a little while, changing State and life.

Erin felt a lot of shame for being back home.
Asking help to her parents again. No possible. What to do now?

Erin was and she is a freelance journalist. Sometimes magazines paid her 200 dollars per month, other times 40-50 dollars per month, but that amount of money insufficient for a living.
Erin understood that this one was her path but what to do?

In the while the couple starts to live in a little apartment, so that they can be independent from Erin's parents, but they can spend just 250 dollars every month considering Will's work, 600 dollar per month and the apartment's rent.

Their main priority is food.

Erin discovers that they are poor.
That shadow, that horrible ghost she thought a prerogative of other people was now affecting her and her husband. A friend told them: "You have an income problem." Reality was this one.

The beauty of this Christian couple is that they found along their way and their big economical problem a lot of help thanks to a strong connection of new friends but  also thanks to the...government. Food stamps for Erin and Will's children and medicaid.
A large part of the USA considers poor people joining medicaid abusers of taxes that they pay every year.

After many years of pain, sufferance, humiliations, Erin tells that it was impossible to share with some of their old friends  that they were going on thanks to government's help and so thanks to their own friends' taxes' money or people plenty of generosity and good heart.  Erin removed herself and her children from the food stamps program and medicaid when she saw that the wind was changed and money back refusing other 6 months of program. They were free.

It's a book that will let you understand how to save money, how to spend less, how to eat more and healthiest food for sure :-) how to save accepting every kind of help while you sort out your problems, from clothes to food.
Erin tells the story of a lady who presented her persimmons for example a robust, succulent  fall fruit good for all family.

Erin and Will experienced a lot of years of pain, sufferance, humiliations, embarrassment before to sorting out their problems, but they did it.
With the help of God but also with the help of so many people who believed in them and helped them in different ways.

Now Erin thanks to this experience writes books, she has a beautiful blog that monetizes a lot, and she created a sunny reality with the sadness she previously lived sharing with other people what to do when there are financial problems in a family.

One of the most beautiful treats of Americans is that they try to look at the positive side of a sad story they lived and sometimes these experiences become very well-paid works.
It's great to me and an important lesson.

Highly recommended, I also invite you all to join Erin's website.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers, book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Anna Maria Polidori

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