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Girl, Wash Your Face Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You can Become Who you Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis

Her brother committed suicide when she was just 14 years.
Rachel Hollis tells that she grew up that day.
What she saw, what she learned from that experience and her dysfunctional family is the result of the act of her brother.

She didn't want that same life, she wanted to construct a beauty existence.

She escaped away and she went to LA for trying to search for an identity although of course is not going away that we sort out our problems although I guess sometimes seeing a different seascape or landscape can helps.

What Rachel Hollis in her latest book: Girl, Wash Your Face Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You can Become Who you Were Meant to Be wants to tell you is that  we live surrounded by many lies and that's why we commit a lot of mistakes in our approach with people, society, mainly, ourselves.

I love that Rachel mentions The Grapes of Wrath one of the biggest, iconic, beautiful and sad book by John Steinbeck. She adds: "Those are my people." Irish and Scots who left the east coast of the USA in search of happiness in the west coast.

Rachel analyzes the differences she noticed growing up in a defined, structured family in comparison with the world she found later.

Wonderful anecdote: she loved and loved and loved Matt Damon.

Rachel tells that when Miramax realized Good Will Hunting she fantasized of marrying Matt Damon night and day and not only: she learned all the lines of that movie, and it is tremendously positive to my point of view.

The story re-seen, re-written of William Sidis is one of the most remarkable movie I have seen as well.

Good news: she met him because she worked for Miramax.

Later, she wanted to buying a Louis Vuitton bag because she wanted to be that kind of woman. A Louis Vuitton lady, rich and privileged.

Rachel with this book will help you to give your best, be sure of it, with her sunny smile, her enthusiasm, her sunny approach to life.

I found this book very hilarious, tender, sweet and honest, characteristic so precious, that's why I would suggest to all of you of buying it.

Highly recommended.
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