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A Promise for Tomorrow by Miranda Barnes

A Promise for Tomorrow by Miranda Barnes is a beautiful, sunny book published by Endeavour Media Limited.

It's a story of new new starts, new work, new friendship, new love.

Sarah Hodgkin goes to Alnwick from Newcastle. She needs a change and she knows this little town because she enjoyed to spend time in this town with her parents when she was little.

In love with Marty they broke up because Sarah understood that Marty's priorities different from her ones

Sarah feels after a while that this new place and her new apartment means an important word: home under many ways. In search for a new job for starting she buys a local newsmagazine searching for it although Sarah thanks also to a new friendship, India, met in a café understands that it won't be simple.

At the Job Center she discovers biggest frustrations.

There are just jobs more suitable for men than not for women but her connections of friends created in the town keeps her cheerful and comforted. She is not alone in this new old town although sometimes she feels the sensation of being lonely because Marty her man made the difference in her life and the absence of a man frustrating.

But the main problem for Sarah and her friend India remain the one of a job or...The creation of a job.
Why not a shop thinks India? The Old Curiosity Shop, she adds plenty of enthusiasm. Sarah in involved in this project by India while she also will find a new temporary job and a love, plenty of stability  maybe at the horizon.

It's a beautiful, fresh book this one, plenty of good humor, optimism, and a great reading for everyone! I am more than sure that when you'll finish to read this eBook you will think more positively about life, present, friendship, future, work, people, love.

Highly suggested.

I thank Endeavour Media Limited for the eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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