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sabato, dicembre 10, 2016

You don't want to know by Karen Burns

This one by Karen Burns, You don't want to know is a short tale. Karen loves Paris and at first I won a copy of her The Paris Effect thanks to Library Thing.

I told her about the actual situation in which I am in and Karen insisted for let me keep aside at the moment her newest book. In the while  she sent me this short book.

Beautiful cover, a bit melancholic, romantic, calm if we think at the vase of yellow flowers and in the distance, behind, cobalt. But...The title keeps the promise: you will read an interesting story. The story of an encounter.

The book in fact tells the story of a french girl called Dominique and the fascination an old man feels for her, her beauty and her enthusiasm.
Just, this girl, no one will know if her tale will be true or not, starts to let understand to her newest friends that she needs money, she is very poor, abandoned from her boyfriend. In a few second a respectable elderly man will become someone else...

Quick, modern, the author says she has been inspired by an elderly scam who took place in a village close to her. She found the situation strange.

I am more than sure that you will like this book so badly. Quick, modern, you will enjoy it.

It can be great for a Christmas gift.

Many thanks Karen Burns! for this short book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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