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sabato, dicembre 10, 2016

Mrs. White Rabbit by Gilles Bachelet

What a funny funny book the one written and illustrated by Gilles Bachelet Mrs. White Rabbit. It will be published on February 6th. We all know the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland. Created by Lewis Carroll one of the funniest and most chaotic characters of Alice in Wonderland. Because of him Alice, attracted by this talking white rabbit ended up in a hole and later in Wonderland. The hole the passage for a magical, wonderful and weird dimension.

What we know of the White Rabbit is that this Rabbit doesn't have peace and goes here and there but...The rest of the family of the White Rabbit? Is he married? Does he have someone waiting for him at the end of his running days? Surprise surprise: yes, there is.

Lady Mrs.White Rabbit is here waiting for all the children, and parents of the world for explaining to you in this book all her life. You will think: oh, it will be exciting, the White Rabbit is always traveling so his wife must live an exciting life.

Oh no: an union for lady rabbits should start to take care of this poor Mrs.White Rabbit rabbit. Yes because....You know as it happens sometimes the poor Mrs. White Rabbit must cleaning, baking, cooking, growing up the bunnies she has had with the White Rabbit, sometimes enjoying her husband's friends, like that strange cat... Oh yes, she would dream something different. A different herself, where she is sometimes helped at home. An attentive Mr. White Rabbit, who can remembers special anniversaries being helpful at home, sometimes. Mrs. White Rabbit doesn't never smile and she is always angry with the world because she had decided while a young Miss Rabbit of giving up of all her passions and dreams for following her boy-rabbit-friend. Just later the reality has been a delusion to her and the most, her hard work not recognized! Another frustration. But we all know: house-rabbits work never recognized!

Lady Rabbit keeps a special diary where she writes everything. Who knows that the White Rabbit soon or late, anxious as he is, will discover everything exclaiming: Bloody Carrot!...Can you imagine his reaction?

Run run, little big White Rabbit and try to keep smile your Mrs.White Rabbit!

Strongly suggested. Beautiful illustrations. Simply unique!

Anna Maria Polidori

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