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venerdì, dicembre 16, 2016

How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good - Learn to shrugh it off and and move forward - by Awen Finn

Release the criticism, it's your life. Choose to take responsibility for it.

Love yourself and stop to think how other people can think of yourself.

Happiness depends upon ourselves said once Aristotle.

This ones can be in three phrases the best syntheses of this energetic and fantastic motivational book written by Awen Finn
How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good - Learn to shrugh it off and and move forward -

You will read this book in a few minutes.

It is plenty of energy, enthusiasm,joy and there is a true spirit of a warrior in the words you will read.
It starts from Awn's personal sad experience at first, a childhood story of not acceptance from her dad, in few pages she will analyze why we are criticized, the origin of critics and what we can do for avoid this nasty habit.

And plus how we can avoid negative people, the so-called nasty people able to put us down all the time remembering sometimes that WE can also be critics with other people. Seeing the beauty in other will better also ourselves and our attitude regarding life and our neighbors.

We can be criticized for many reasons.

People won't never never never satisfied of us!

Criticism is heavy as said by the author, it put down and not only, it creates a spiral of negativity, in particular if your world is limited and if you don't find all the time someone else who says to you: "Nah, they are completely wrong. I find you fantastic."

But so what to do?

We must try to understand something as the author says: that no one will never be happy of our life, simply because maybe our life is just our life and not the life of anyone else.

Life is a process. We born, we grow up, and later at some point we will die. We are unique. Our character, our behavior, we are here in this world for a certain reason. Nothing is just for a case although sometimes life can be pretty pretty weird.

Awen in some passages will help us to take much more control of our existence, enforcing the inner power that there is in ourselves with strong exercises, with written words, with the power of positive thinking, that positive thinking focused on ourselves and our unicities.

Trust me when I tell you that when I go somewhere I don't mind if I meet a friend more fat, more slim more beauty, more cured, more rich etc. What it counts to me is the soul of the person I have in front of me. Just that.

Then if she/he is fine with the body he/she is in, if she/he is fine of his/her life and if he/she is happy this one is just his/her own business.

Why reading this book?

Because only who have realistically experienced criticism can help you to escape from what I truly consider a real hell for many reasons. Because you can't live peacefully your life, because you can't never be yourself, although you know that the other one doesn't mind if you change or not because what he/she wants to do is just to hurt you and influence you negatively and not the be helpful. If they would be helpful they wouldn't criticize you.

This is the real point.

I thank Library Thing for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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