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mercoledì, dicembre 07, 2016

Conclave by Robert Harris

Robert Harris latest book is a masterpiece of beauty. Written with profound knowledge of the topic, the book is felt, very clear and it has been put a lot of enthusiasm on it.

The story the departure of the latest Pope and the procedure for the election of the new one...Being a thriller, there is some suspense and most of the actual problems of the Church, treated very well in the book.

What I loved the most has been the diversified Church in the world, seen through the eyes and arrival of the various Cardinals fot the so-called Conclave. Each of them with a peculiar history and each of them because they live in a certain part of the world able to influence a potential vote. Also of course thanks to their personal histories.

Beautiful, very well written, you will read it in a few hours. Great and I am sure appreciated gift also if your friends can be of a different religion.

I thank First To Read, and the publishing House Penguin-Random House for inviting me to read this book for a honest review.

Anna Maria Polidori

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