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domenica, dicembre 04, 2016

Monet - The Early Years - by George T. M. Shackelford

Claude Monet is one of my favorite Impressionists painters. His paintings are famous for being delicate, for giving a special touch at landscapes and seascapes, people and situations.

It can be a tea pot or cup, or can be a man or a picnic scene, but we will always find something that every every painting should be able to transmit: peace, tenderness, and harmony.

His clouds, his green, his snow scenes, his tender way of portraying nature and people with delicacy, like also a sea storm are one of the main treats of this immense artist.

The movement of the Impressionists was born in France during the 19th century and these artists didn't mind of giving or present to people the stylistic perfection known in paintings for example during the Renaissance's period.

They wanted to let us mainly show a situation of life lived in that moment, captured in a certain moment.

We can tell without any kind of doubts that these artists have been the first photographers, because in this sense the spectacularity and freshness presented by a scenery or an event can let us feel the feelings felt by the people portrayed and it is possible to imagine without too much difficulty their conversations, their wonderful time spent together, exactly as it happens when we see an old picture of the dear old times.

The research for the naturalism and simplicity of the life portrayed, people walking in a snow countryside, a seascape, or just a picnic, a tree, gives an idea of sincerity and closeness with the most common life. These artists more than any other ones to my personal point of view have been connected, being interested in portraying the outdoor social life  , the seascapes and landscapes more than other ones have been able with great delicacy to give a voice at the real life lived by people during their time.

In this book: Monet published by Yale University Press the first decade of formative years of Claude Monet.

In a vibrant, interesting book/catalog, the evolution of this painter, his first paintings, including his first important exhibits and also the various influences that with the time of course he felt thanks to Renoir, Manet and other wonderful exponent of the Impressionism.

You can see all these paintings firstly at the
Kimbell Art Museum 'till 01/29/17 and later at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco from February 25 'til May-29.

If I would be you I wouldn't lose the occasion for seeing the first Monet, but let me add: Claude Monet.

Many thanks to NetGalley for this book and to Yale University Press!

Anna Maria Polidori

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