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mercoledì, luglio 13, 2016

Pepper, Pumpkin and the magical pajamas: : Pumpkin is Missing (Volume 1) by Rita Madison

Impressively beauty, colored and very well constructed this children's book written by Rita Madison.

I loved the beautiful colored and happy cover, (to me covers are extremely important when I pick up a book) and all the drawings of Pepper, the 7 years old protagonist of the story and her family and... Pumpkin, her cat, or I should write, their cat, the fourth member of the family.

These drawings will accompany page after page the words of the author. Cute and tender, a relaxing touch is also the one of the font chosen by the author: Comic Sans. Such a beautiful children's book just for this reason. A relaxing children's book. 

The story, other will come soon, the one of Pepper, who one day discovers that her beloved Pumpkin is missing.

But where this cat can be? Pepper and her mom starts to search for Pumpkin everywhere. Shoes, closets, toilet, everywhere in the house, but nothing to do.

Pepper so remembers the first moment she saw her at the pet store and the choice of asking for this, at that time little kitten, naming her Pumpkin because of the same color of a pumpkin.

Where can she be?

Desperate, she tries with a trick. Her magical pajamas... Pepper tries to establish a connection with Pumpkin during the night and the day after, Pepper rushes to her parent's bedroom telling them she knows where Pumpkin is!

Well it's something pretty common for cats, let's say that. Remember that the end of the story is absolutely happy and joyous.

I suggest, strongly suggest this children's book for the positive story and values it contains.

I can't wait to read the other episodes!

Thanks to Booksgosocial for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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