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martedì, luglio 19, 2016

Books for Dogs Vavavooom!!!!

From the left: Michelle, Jill, Josephine, Angela and the founder of Books for Dogs Penny Radford
The ladies of the charity Books for Dogs, created at Umbertide, Umbria various years ago are wonderful human beings.

In a few years thanks to their association, they have helped the dogs of the shelter of Lerchi, presenting them a different dignity. With the years, another reality called Argo added to their priorities.

These ladies are British, Americans, Australians, and from a lot of years live in our territory. They sell their used books in the market of the city every Wednesday morning and when it is impossible to do that, during fall and winter, at the Bar Il Giardino.

Possible also to rent a large selections of DVD for 2 euros per week.

These ladies created with the time a real strong competition with local booksellers and DVDS stores ;-)

The latest novelties, the Barbecue Afternoon organized from the ladies for helping the realities that they're supporting last July 10th.

Angela Nutt from the committee: "We thought you would like to know that, at first count, we made €1,160. at the barbecue last week.  We are very pleased with the amount which will help all the needy dogs and cats at the refuges we support."

Angela continues: "Many thanks to all of you who both came and also supported us by donations.  We thought it was a really fun event and Gilly and Gordon Carey did us really proudly by opening their beautiful home and gardens for the event.  The weather also helped!"

Another initiative on Wednesday evening 20th July: a dinner hosted by ARGO in Piazza Matteotti, Umbertide. Live music, it will be another fun evening.

If you want to attend the dinner, it will be indispensable to contact David Wetherell on 339 374 3753 as soon as possible. Vegetarian and vegan dishes available, the cost is €20 for adults, €10 for children. Dinner is at 8pm.

Anna Maria Polidori

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