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venerdì, luglio 29, 2016

C S Lewis - The man who created Narnia - by Michael Coren

C S Lewis - The man who created Narnia - by Michael Coren published in 1996 and re-published digitally by Endeavour Press in 2015 is not a long book, but surely has a lot and a lot of positive sides and I found it wonderful.

The book is concise, it goes right to the point, and it is absolutely pretty informative telling to you all the possible curiosities you want to discover about Lewis, maintaining a beautiful, vivid, strong and felt narration all the time. Who wrote this book loved Lewis and his books so badly and you can feel it.

65 pages in total, the biographer starts the story of Lewis from the beginning. Born in Belfast, little Clive Lewis enjoyed a lot his living in the city and rural countryside. A brother, various animals, he was surrounded by the love of his mother who encouraged him to read a lot. The character of his dad pretty nasty. Little Clive lost his mom at just 10 years for a long illness and sent to Britain for studying by his dad he didn't find great connections and a good environment but...It there there that he met God. Lewis was born protestant but he becalm catholic and he is still considered the most important christian author of the modern age.

During the first world war he met another young man Paddie Moore and his mom.  Close friends with  his family, later Lewis would have helped and kept in his house this lady til her natural death.

The house of Lewis opened to everyone and to the most diversified people.

As a teacher no one, looking at his physical aspect, pretty normal, would have said that this man was brilliant but when he started to speak people enchanted by his thoughts.

Many publications and books, also fantasy before the arrival of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Friends with Tolkien and other intellectuals, they loved to spend some time all together during the week at a pub for discussing of literature and other thematic.

Lewis hasn't met the biggest love of his life at 20 years, but after the publication of Narnia's books so when he was pretty mature. He received a special letter from the USA from a Narnia's fan and he started a correspondence with her. Her name: Joy.

It was a profound and intense feeling and Lewis would have always remembered this lady, his wife later, with great passion and love, and it was moving to read that after her departure although extremely catholic and positive at first he couldn't find anymore the old joy he felt when he was with her.

Touching, this one is a precious, very good book for sure, for all the estimators of Narnia and his poetic author.

I thank Endeavour Press for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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