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lunedì, luglio 18, 2016

Gratitude by Dani DiPirro

cover85416-mediumThe sentiment of gratitude is one of the most intense and important feeling in this world. In a  world plenty of ingratitude,  Dani DiPirro author of Gratitude , published by Watkins wants to let us develop and "feel" this sentiment.

Sometimes this life is stressing and now more than in the past plenty of uncertainties. But...Life is also beautiful and there are special people in this world that we can call Angels, able to help us, able to let us feel special and important to them. Gratitude is this: recognizing the role of other people in our life and vice-versa.

It's a special attitude, a special love for others, for the world, for the various situations we meet along our journey that we call life.

It means to be... grateful for existing, for being healthy, for being happy, for having a work, a roof where to rest. Gratitude means to be grateful for the people with which we are sharing our existence, because we know we can count on them, gratitude means also to see the beauty of this world and to be grateful for it.
Gratitude means to say thanks to all that people that are able to make us happy. People who believe in us and support us.

There are moments in our life in which it seems that our actual conditions can't be too much grateful. In this case we can research through our memory all the wonderful past moments spent with our friends and our dear ones, being grateful for these memories.

Let's also try to look with good, positive eyes at this world re-discovering everyday as if we would be many children still at the discovery of the world and its wonders.
Discovering the beauty of the world will mean automatically to bring joy and beauty in our life and later maybe transform all this beauty in a  creative process able to rest.

The author suggests also to keep a journal, writing down what you should be grateful for.

Try to see also what you can do for other people. A person in needs, someone with which you can share your world with, will immensely appreciate it and you will feel a great joy and happiness and a true sense of freedom.

A lot of virtues will follow your positive attitude, so keep open the door of gratitude and life will smile you back and you will see a real change in term of quality of life!

Powerful the message written by Dani DiPirro in a moment so confused for the humanity.
Positive vibes, as positive must always be the man.

This book can be a great gift as well! for everyone and I truly recommend it to everyone!

Thanks to netgalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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