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Letters From Madelyn: Chronicles of a Caregiver Second Edition by Elaine Sanchez

They were the family Kubin.

They lived  on a farm at six miles from McPherson a town in Kansas with 14.000 people in total.

What attracted me at first when I picked up this book on firstly was the genre: the epistolary one.

I not only found the reading pleasant, but I discovered in the protagonist, Madelyn an exceptional woman and an example for all of us, with an integrity, a passion for this life, and constantly new interests absolutely admirable.

 "Letters from Madelyn" - Chronicles of a Caregiver is in fact the story  of a series of letters Madelyn, the protagonist of this story start to sends to her daughter Elaine, (later adding also Elaine's fiance and later husband Alex) after that her husband Quentin experiences a terrible stroke in 1993. Madelyn starts to write with frequency to her daughter at the beginning of 1994 until 1999. 

 This book is a quick reading  thanks to the precious words of Madelyn, a woman who fought with all herself for her beloved husband until the end, someone who taught many spiritual lessons to all of us thanks to her precious, wise words spread in her numerous letters.

The daughter Elaine K.Sanchez in the foreword writes that these letters, edited by her once her beloved mother Madelyn passed away were long something like 5-10 pages.
Letters plenty of informations.

Madelyn keeps updated her daughter about everything. Her husband Quentin and his conditions, her flowers, weather, neighbors, activity at the church, her reading, in particular The Unity and many other spiritual authors and books.

Madelyn was a letter writer for sure with a great, impressive, perfect and fresh writing-style.

What it is special in Madelyn is this:  going on although her husband seriously sick, with a big smile on her face and a special optimistic attitude for life, people and events.

Once she fell in love for Reiki and she discovered she could heal some Quentin's pains with the power of Reiki and her hands. Although Quentin's health was precarious, she tried all her best to give him dignity and fun time.

Another time we will find Madelyn arranging "romantic" meetings ( to the restaurant all together for eating something) between Quentin and an old flame Avis and her husband. Yes because Quentin started to develop at a certain stage of his illness a true great fixation for sex. Once he asked to Madelyn to have sex with her. He was strongly refused. "Sex a chapter of our life over, dear."
So Quentin's fixation for Avis, another pretty sick lady.

You will also discover in a special section pictures of all the family Kubin. Special people.

This one I read is the second edition of this book and in the while Elaine, the daughter, developed a website thanks to the success of the first edition:

I am not surprised. Madelyn was a special special human being and her message extremely powerful.

Her daughter writes Madelyn inspired by authors like Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale an author, this second one I love so badly for the great power of his words.

I have quotes of his books in many corners of the house, for remembering always how precious and great life is.

I am sure that Madelyn was inspired by these great minds but at the same time I I think Madelyn was inspired by herself and her wonderful light and soul. She spread love, compassion, help to her husband and everyone she knew.

Published by WriteLifePublishing, this one is the beautiful portrait born thanks to her written words, letters of a beautiful life very well spent.
An example of the life  lived and spent as maybe should be spent and a proud example of love and dedication to the others.

I strongly suggest this book to everyone.

Anna Maria Polidori

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