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martedì, maggio 31, 2016

Let it out by Katie Dalebout

Let it out by Katie Dalebout and published by Hay House Inc. is a book for creative and for all that people with a dream: being  more happy than they are.

The author is a real true-planner.

This one is the first book I read of the so-called "new generation" of writers connected with the net and Instagram and social medias and in fact I found a lot of differences in comparison with the other self-help books I read in the past.

There is more velocity,  more mental "stress" and well, also a more compulsive capacity and desire of organize the life.

Katie Dalebout is part of the new generation of writers for people constantly busy not only anymore with normal life but also with internet life as well.

Various sections of this book will also include our relationship with these powerful and sometimes complicated instruments.

Let it out wants to awake your inner creativity as I said before.

So the best thing to do first of all is buying a journal following the directions as Katie call them.

There are many powerful exercises, like decluttering our spaces for re-becoming connected with our self.

The exercise I love the most? The one to try to do all the opposite of what we would do. What freedom!

I love the idea of keeping a jar, because I did it in the past and it is wonderful to re-read at distance of years the beautiful positive messages "posted" there.

Katie thinks that also negative thoughts are important vehicles for us and for trying to understand us better. Removing them it will mean build a different and new self more conscious and more happy.

An exercise Katie knows it's powerful (I tried with a friend of mine depressed and it worked successfully, she was absolutely happy! after it) is to help someone else in need.

All of us think, when we are sad that  we can't be helpful  because of our condition.

Try this exercise and you will discover that it is the opposite.

Maybe no one is indispensable in this world but everyone necessary for building a best society.

The biggest gratification born by a simple fact: that the person involved, the one depressed discover with joy and surprise that can be of help.
And to him/her it is like reason of joy and excitement.

Abundance: who wouldn't want more money? Or abundance. The motto of Katie is more you give and more you receive.

The Happythankyoumoreplease section will help you for being grateful for what you have and at the same time for asking more to the Universe ;-)

The money Manifester an interesting experiment because will let you show who you are financially (pretty scary exercise, lol), your potentialities and problematic while the New Moon Manifesto a romantic way for asking something to the Universe.

Talking of healing each of us knows that sometimes we fall ill because our body is weak and because "we want to be sick" unconsciously. It's up to us, to healing ourselves.Some chapters will involve this important thematic and there is a chapter all dedicated to heal the world as well.

Katie treats later a topic so important: the one of shame. We feel always some shame for something. inadequacy, a gaffe, something we said not truly appreciated by another person, or an action we wouldn't never wanted to do.

How can we repair? You will discover. Using your journal you will be in grade to Let it out everything! re-starting a new complete and good life with more consciousness.

Katie will want to cure your fear giving precious tips about love. For creative there are at the beginning of the book beautiful suggestion for creating stories. Katie suggests, why once created not submitting them at The New Yorker?
Let's think positively.

A part I also loved a lot the Chat with God.

Beautiful book for living a new life, precious advices, and plenty of informations.

Let it out your joy, Let it out your self, Let it out all your potentialities and first of all Let it out your Happiness and your desire to be a best person!

I thank you netgalley.com for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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