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lunedì, ottobre 20, 2014

The Meg Project: Learn, Grow Thrive

Need to be inspired? Meg's blog is for you!  

Her writing-style is like the one of Liz Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love. And maybe it's Meg Earney's purpose this one.

Her blog: The Meg Project: Learn, Grow Thrive, is in fact a powerful open door to her soul. Plenty of grace, respect and Love for God.

Twenty-three years old, I have firstly met
Meg and her mom Janine 
thanks to one of my best American friends: Constance Grayson. Connie and Bert Grayson bought a house in Umbria, at just a mile and something from my house eleven years ago. Janine was Connie's best friend as Jay (Janine's husband)  was Bert's best friend.

Meg is currently studying at the Ole Miss located in Oxford, MS and she wants to become a journalist.

Meg  started this blog I guess for curing her soul and healing from her many profound pains: the premature departure of her dad when she was 11 years old for a heart attack and the death of  her beloved mom Janine, disappeared at just 56 years because of a lung cancer just few years ago. Janine hadn't never smoked any cigarette in all her life.

Meg is still feeling a profound connection with her mom, I guess a never ending relationship. 

Meg is still "suffocated" in a positive sense from  Janine's personality and at the same time she is feeling a terrible lost in her life, because as Meg wrote in her blog: "Mom was my first fan".

Janine was her very beloved unforgettable and sunny mom.

Why Janine was so special at the eyes of all the other people?

Because of her joy. She smiled always and her eyes smiled with her lips. She loved to laugh and she was continuously curious of life. She was very acculturated.

She read 3-4 books at the same time. She was such a very friendly human being.

Once when she discovered that a couple from Bastia Umbra, a place close to Pietralunga, where Connie Grayson lived in, was in West Memphis, parked with their caravan in her mom's caravan parking lot, she didn't hesitate for a second and invited that very nice couple to enjoying with them all the dinner of the Thanksgiving's Day!

Tell me if this one is not an exceptional human being!

Of course the friendship with the two friends from Bastia Umbra, if you are curious to discover what happened later, and you should be, continued in Italy, and
  we all enjoyed some good time together. Although Janine passed away Meg and her grand-mom (Janine's mother) are still in contact with Valeria and Fabrizio.
Once you have an American friend you know it will be for a life-time. 

Janine Earney was also the director of the Crittenden Arts Council and chair of the chamber’s marketing committee.

She was a stimulating personality for sure. Passionate, profoundly in love for music and movies, she was very curious of the world and always happy. I haven't never seen her upset.With her you just could always see the best part of life.

She constantly tried to help other people. Twelve years ago in our area a friend of us killed herself. Our community is very small. The shock has been immense. Janine wrote me back e-mails everyday always supporting me. A long correspondence for sure.

I can't forget it because she was of great help. And she loved to keeping in touch in a daily base.

I miss her the most when I need to talk with someone of a new book or a new movie as well. She would have been incredibly prepared. I miss her advices and her support.

Janine loved to closing her e-mail always with a quotation. It could be a quotation from a book, a movie, a famous song.

She was "Lady Quotations". For every little or big problem there was the best quotation. A quotation after all is like a dress. For every occasion there is the perfect one.

Janine's departure has been shocking for everyone but devastated John and Meg, her children.
Meg in particular.

This blog is positively shocking for the beautiful thoughts born in Meg's mind after her mom's death.

A mind still in sufferance, in great sufferance because of the departure of an extraordinary lady loved by everyone, but at the same time Meg has been able to looking forward and coping with this profound sufferance and devastation. Meg has been able to build up in a land of sufferance accumulated during these years, a beautiful place plenty of wonderful flowers of hope, friendship, love, work, strength and a harmonic idea of life.

Her existence can be compared now to the one of an immense, giant tree, with a big large shadow where all of us, life-travelers of this crazy Old World, can stop by and resting for a while, while enjoying the beauty of life, after all. Looking at life with Meg's eyes and Meg's vibes means looking at a world where after all there is peace, respect, love.

Meg's life is this: she is able to communicate with other ones what she feels, her sensations, her problems.

Once I was complaining with Connie, Janine's best friend for some situations I was living. I wasn't very happy at all at that time and Connie replied me back: "Anna Maria you can't appreciate life 'til you won't have suffered a lot".

Maybe life is this. Maybe life is a mixture of sufferance, joy and happiness.

The Meg Project: Learn, Grow, Thrive is an inspirational blog for people still in sufferance, for real thinkers, and for people able to appreciate the profundity of life.

I just hope that you will love Meg's blog as I do.


Anna Maria Polidori

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