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giovedì, marzo 20, 2014

Johnny Depp and his passion for books and reading

  Discovering one of the most powerful passions of Johnny Depp: books 

One of the main passions of Johnny Depp, maybe his biggest one, movies and music apart are books.

Several years ago during an interview with me he confessed talking  of school and books:

"I was bored with school thats why I dropped out.   I learnt things outwith school and I was always reading something in the house. I still do read a lot and pack quite a few books when I am traveling". 

Johnny Depp loves used and old books. He falls in love for editions at time very inexpensive, just 99 cents. He said several times he loves to smelling old books.

It's possible to find pictures of a very young Johnny Depp of just 20 years close to a pile of books, proud and cheerful because he would have read them all and they would have made him happy. A real powerful lover born of and for literature. Thanks to his position as actor he also pick up always books he falls in love with for re-creating the world contained in that pages on the screen. And this is simply stunning. Most of Johnny' Depp's  movies are based in fact on books he has read and appreciated a lot. 

Daniel Depp, his brother is a novelist. With Dan Depp he wrote the documentary: "The Brave".

Who are the authors Johnny Depp love the most?

Well many. Being an avid reader, I guess that this questions wouldn't find a precise answer. Maybe one of the most important writers touched directly his soul in profundity and Johnny knew  in person was Hunter S.Thompson.

 Johnny discovered this writer from Louisville Kentucky, his same State, (Depp was born in Owensboro) when he was very young sharing a lot of time with him and living with him amazing adventures. Johnny was enthusiastic of this man. An anarchic and anti-conformist soul.

 He said in later 2006 in the preface of Gonzo by Thompson
in a limited Edition of Three Thousand Numbered Copies released December 2006

 ‎:  "Thinking of Hunter, I am overcome by a great deluge of memories".  

Johnny describes Hunter:

 " His nature was to observe and dissect any and all situations, so observe and dissect he did with an inexorable fervor. He lived it, breathed it, and celebrated it, all of it. And if you were lucky enough to prowl alongside him on any of his escapades, so did you, to the absolute hilt.Every document, scrap of paper, newspaper clipping, cocktail napkin and photograph were sacred to Hunter".

He loves Hunter's books so badly.  He was so convinced of these books to put on screen directed by Terry Gilliam  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and later The Rum Diary.

 Jack Kerouac is another Johnny's passions and it couldn't be differently. He takes so seriously the passion for Kerouac. He has had the chance to meet Kerouac's brother-in-law John Sampas. John Sampas was so glad to sharing with Johnny Depp, Jack Kerouac's world, locals and written stuff.

Johnny own a first edition of On the road, a lot of other material involving Kerouac and his last typewriter.

Other writers Johnny Depp loves so badly? Edgar Allen Poe, James Joyce, Dylan Thomas, a poet, Verlain, Rimbaud, TS Eliot.

In The Tourist they filmed in the suite where Marcel Proust and Honorè de Balzac stayed during their trips to Venice.

In many cases Johnny has the original manuscripts of the works of the writers he loves the most and other ones as well. This is simply impressive.

Recently Johnny Depp launched a personal house publishing continuing at the same time to present to us beautiful movies born firstly by the mind of a writer and later chosen by him for being put on screen. 

                                                                Anna Maria Polidori

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