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giovedì, marzo 13, 2014

Alice through the Looking-glass looked through director Bobin's eyes

Bobin: "People must say at the end of the movie I loved to be in this place". 

What a big success it was Alice in Wonderland's production by Disney directed by

 Tim Burton

 and starring

Johnny Depp.

 A real big, huge massive success for Disney Company in 2010.

 The company with this move reached two billions of dollars thanks to the international worldwide box office. Not bad at all.

As maybe you'll know very early Disney will produce another sequel of the movie considering that the Carroll's books involving the adventures of Alice are two: Alice in Wonderland and

Alice through the Looking-glass

The second book couldn't be left all alone, don't you think so?
And so here we are again-


Johnny Depp

 in the role of the Mad Hatter

 and Mia Wasikowska as Alice  the Disney is ready and enthusiastically launched for another trip in the underland and in the purest fantasy thanks to Carroll and the incredibly imaginative adventures lived by Alice in this second book.

The sequel will be released may 27, 2016.

Talking with the director emerged from him a serious, real and incredible passion for Lewis Carrol's fantastic and imaginative world.

James Bobin

 talked of another passion, movies apart: “The thing about me is that my secret passion is history". 

Bobin in fact studied history to the university and his wife is  a historian to. Alice in Wonderland was created by Lewis Carrol during the Victorian age. It was in fact released nov 26th 1865 and it is indispensable to re-create the fascinating world of that historical stunning moment. And Bobin knows it.

The director in fact added something of important.

  "Alice is set in a Victorian fantasy land". And it means that there will be for sure certain characteristics, bits and relevant ideas the director will want to develop on screen. 

Bobin: "There’s no limits to new ideas to use to create a fantastical world. Plus the Victorian age...".

James Bobin told about his previous movies and what it moves his soul.

 "My movies have a lot of historical context.

He also said he is a

"Huge fan of ruins".

"You see a lot of ruin work in my movies. I love ruins".

That's why Bobin is thrilled for Alice Through the Looking-Glass: "It is not just a historical movie but also a fantastical one. Like a fantasy world".

Thrilled he revealed: "I couldn't pass it up.It’s one of the things I really wanted to do, and I’m also a huge fan of Lewis Carroll. In England he’s this incredibly influential, basically comedy writer".

Not only. To the director Lewis Carroll can be compared to Monty Python.
"Carroll is surely known as a fantasy-guy, but if you read the book as an allegory of the world or satire on the world and how it worked in those days, well you can trace like Lewis Carroll to Monty Python. They’re part of the same family to me".

But what it means for the next Alice's director working on a production?

 "Well I felt I would find interesting this story. That's all I ask to my work. That it's interesting to me. We work at a very deep level so you spend a lot of time doing this stuff, so you have the love the material".  And the story. This is so true.

It will be a different sequel. Bobin hired The Hobbit production designer Dan Hennah for many reasons: "I loved the work he did on The Hobbit . It impressed me a lot.  This one is slightly different because it’s set in Underland. in different parts of Underland, so it has a slightly more human world".

What the viewers will find on theaters when they will go to the cinema for seeing Alice Through the Looking-Glass?

“The movie is not a real action movie. The movie is a movie where you wanna create a world where you’re happy to spend two hours of your life. You wanna be there and think: ‘What’s around that corner? I love being in this place.’ And that’s what it felt like in the first movie, I liked being in Underland and I love the idea that we’re gonna create that world again, a place where you’re happy to spend time.”

What a wonderful promise mr. Bobin! We are all ready for two hours of escapism from this world for another one much more happy and cheerful. 

What will mean for the director to work on this Disney production in a more profound level?

" For me? An opportunity to try and recreate the world I love from the past in this really interesting way"

Good luck and good work mr Bobin!

Anna Maria Polidori

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