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domenica, marzo 09, 2014

Black Mass and that romantic kitchen of the 80s....

 Cross Creek Pictures scouting for locations in Massachusetts because of Black Mass starring Johnny Depp

It seems that people and residents from Massachusetts can be pretty cheerful. In fact a new production is coming to their towns very soon and wooh wooh! one of the stars involved in the project is Johnny Depp! Yes, you have read well! The nice pirate Jack Sparrow is launched in another production:  Black Mass -  White Bulger, the FBI, and a Devil's Deal -  based on the book by Gerald O'Neill and Dick Lehr.

Amazon picture

 The director will be 

Scott Cooper 


 Guy Pearce

 will play the role of the brother of Johnny in the movie.

Although the rest of the cast has not yet specified and it is still unknown, something is starting to happen.

Cross Creek Pictures in fact is searching for potential locations in various part of Massachusetts and these days the residents in the various areas involved in the filming are receiving a flyer. In this flyer it is specified that "We are interesting in  scouting  and potentially filming your property for the movie. If your property is chosen as a location for the film, you'll receive a compensation based on the scope and extent of the filming".

The movie will be a historical one. Three decades, very interesting ones: the 60's, 70's and 80s.

It appears fundamental for the production of the movie that every house needs to have "Elements unchanged since then - especially an 80s kitchen -

The various houses will be primarily photographed and later locations will be chosen by the director based on the photos and the various characteristics required by the production.

Anna Maria Polidori

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