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sabato, gennaio 18, 2014

Johnny Depp at the top of success eight years ago revealed to me the secrets of his wonderful life. Love, family, children, hobbies, fears

Confessions of a  musician. Actor  for case... and necessity. 
At first.

This interview has been realized something like 7-8 years ago. So it is quiet old. A lot of water passed under the bridges since there.

 I still consider this interview one of the most complete ones given  by Johnny Depp.

I consider the interview very interesting because Johnny talks about himself with great joy and sincerity.

Hope that you will enjoy it.

Mr Depp Is there a luxury in your life you cannot renouncing at?

 I love spending time with my family even while I am filming they tend to
travel with me now wherever I may be filming. To me this is a luxury rather
than my houses, yatch and cars as I hate being away from them for long
periods at a time.  Vanessa and my children changed my life for the better.

Johnny becaame a star on the Walk of Fame

Something you hate?

Ignorant people, terrorists, poverty in
 the world, cruelty to animals,
violence to woman and children. The list is endless.

Your companion is french and she's s singer. Where did you meet her?

I first met Vanessa at a friends house but didn't get speaking to her, it
wasn't until I was in Paris filming that I spotted her in the hotel. I bought
her a drink and we got talking and that was it I was hooked. I liked her as
soon as I saw her. I moved to France and within a year Vanessa was pregnant
with Lily-Rose Melody.

How much time do you spend with Lily-Rose and Jack?

As much as I can. They come with me most times I am travelling to film and I play Barbies with Lily-Rose and Pirates with Jack though Lily-Rose gets rather annoyed when I put on the voices for Barbie and Ken. She tells me to use my own voice.

Johnny with Vanessa, Lily-Rose and Jack

 Do you think to be a severe parent to them?

No but at the same time my children are not spoilt in the way some children
are. I am not severe with them but at the same time I don't let them away with
rudeness, cheek, swearing and I try my best not to swear in front of the
children though Jack recently went through a stage of swearing  at everyone
was told that all kids go through it.  Oh and I don't use bribes to get them
to bed. Also Lily may be only 6 yet she keeps her room fairly tidy.

What kind of fears have you got for their personal future?

I think like any parent I fear that they are going to get into drugs, drink,
get shot especially when we stay in the States or even in London now.  I
fear that Lily-Rose could end up getting raped when she is older. I have many
fears for my children's personal future. I hope they do not follow myself and
Vanessas footsteps in their career choice. Yet, I won't stop them.

Your opinion of France?

I love France. Everything is so peaceful in St Tropez. I can stroll down the
streets and around the shops without getting recognized as a film star. I do
have fans in France, yet they respect me and leave me and my family alone.

 Is it important now the family in your life?
Your new familiar life has changed the old Johnny Depp for better?

Yes Vanessa and my children have changed my life. I am no longer the wild
eccentric actor who had sex with however he liked, drank, took drugs, had
arguments in hotel rooms and ended up spending nights in jail.
From Hell

 I try my
best to be pleasant when getting asked to do interviews as I doesn't tend to
like journalists much after what they did when River Phoenix died especially
what they did to the memory people had of him. I have stopped drinking hard
spirits. I only drink wine now and I have recently managed to quit smoking.

What's your opinion of family? Are you a modern

I have no idea I am not conservative at all and things are always
progressing. I think I would class myself as a modern parent and partner.

Were there artist in your family? And can you tell us your origin?
You're half Native American. Do you feel the problematic of Native
Americans? Your most important Native American aspect of your character?

I am not sure about artistic as to my origin I was born in Kentucky we moved
to Florida when I was older and also I think when my parents split up I have
two older sisters and an older brother. Name wise Depp is a German name
actually and there is Irish in my blood as well plus I am half Cherokee
Indian as my grandparents were full blooded Cherokee.  I have a strong
feeling for my Cherokee heritage and it was them I researched when I filmed
The Brave a film/documentary I co-wrote and directed with my brother Dan.
Never thought about the native American aspect of my character apart from I
like to wear various American Indian charms/totems.

You have decided to leaving school very early but you have a great culture, and you read very much.  Do you think that young people are happy at school now, and is it possible to them to build in that places their own personalities? What can be bettered in schools?

I really don't know if the young nowadays do meet a nice place at school and
what I have seen of some kids personalities I don't think they do yet with
saying that I would never encourage any kid to drop out of school.  I was
bored with school thats why I dropped out. I learnt things outwith school and
I was always reading something in the house I still do read a lot and pack
quite a few books when I am traveling though these days if the family are
with me I don't get much time to read.  I would like to see a total end to
bullying in schools.

 You performed at first with a music band called "The
Kids". When did you discover this passion for rock, and can you tell us your experience with them?

Actually I had a group before the Kids forgotten the name now and we used to play at clubs. They had to smuggle me in the back way as I was underage had
great fun with all my bands still do when I get the chance to perform and I discovered my passion for performing musically when I was 12.  I am a self - taught musician.

Your first appearance in a movie was with Nightmare.  Hadn't you never thought to be a good actor before to performing in that role?

I never actually wanted to be an actor. My main passion is to be a musician
but we weren't getting the gigs and no money coming in so I turned to acting
for a while as I thought I would get back to performing with a band again. So
for 7 years I think it was. I starred in the American TV series 21 Jump
Street. It was ok. Then I got a part in Nightmare on Elm street. I was also sort
of in the third Elm Street film.  After that things just started coming in
film wise for me. I occasionally still perform musically.

Roux, Chocolat

Is there a movie you played you didn't  love too much?

No I don't think so though probably some of my earlier ones I might cringe at
if I saw my performance again.

Who were the actors may have helped you to growing up as a artist and as a person?

There are too many to mention.

 Your personal opinion about two great partners with which you worked with? Marlon Brando and Dustin Hoffman...

It was great working with them. They are both great guys who I admire so much.
Marlon is one of my Icons.

Is there a character of one of your movies that you can call "Johnny" because of the similarities with your personality?

Orlando calls me Johnny all the time he is a great mate and a fantastic
actor he still has a long way to go but that young man will make it he has a
clear steady head on his young shoulders and has proved that fame doesn't go
to his head.  As for a character I can call Johnny I don't think so.

I have seen that in your movies there is a great study of each character.

Oh yes with Captain Jack Sparrow I portrayed him rather campy Keith Richards.
Annie Leibovitz pictures
Johhny and Keith Richards, the one inspired Captain Jack Sparrow's character

Jack Sparrow

For Willy Wonka I studied old American Tv childrens show hosts and false
teeth helped to get the mouth structure right. There is no significance what
so ever to Michael Jackson or Marylin Manson

Willy Wonka

Michael Jackson

Marylin Manson

Why do you do this work? For money, success, or the pleasure to presenting a good work to the viewers?
A pleasure to do good work.  When I first started out it was for the money
but not any more though now its the enjoyment of good work.

Various  nominations at the Academy Awards; not a victory yet.

Who knows and quite frankly I am not looking for a victory in fact I wasn't
expecting the Academy nominations for NeverLand and the other if anything
its the little MTV movie awards that I have.

Can you tell me how you imagined/felt Jack Sparrow after have read the first script?

Sure when I first read the script I went no way am I reading it straight
this character I can have fun with no way is he like Will turner (no offense
to Orlando's character and you will see changes with his character) I knew
what pirates were like and decided to play Captain Sparrow as camp as
possible without it being ridiculously over the top.

What kind of opinion have you got of your principal partners Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley?

I have fun working with them Orlando is a great mate of mine and we get on
really well both off and on screen we just have so much fun and Keira is
good fun as well they are both young stars of the future.

What do you love to do when you're not busy with filming?

Play with my kids, relax on my boat, stroll down streets without getting
pestered, do my music, watch Wiggles and Teletubbies.

What's your opinion of the USA and why according to you the USA is now Disneyland?

Yeah it is I don't particularly like the States for many reasons some too
personal to go into. I still have a house there that I use when I have to.

If you would have the opportunity to change the USA, where would you want to start?

Good question. I don't think I would know where to start that. Much needs sorting out.

Strong character, sincere, eclectic, do you love yourself? Have you had periods in which you have lived yourself confictually? Why? And are there people you must thank for the Johnny Depp we are admiring now?

No don't think so and definitely don't love myself.  Vanessa probably and my mom Betty Sue.

Hollywood, you said in an interesting interview "built the imagine of you as a transgressive, wild boy because in this way they were able to sell the product better". This "product" is a person. Do you think now, that the first period in the star-system you have been used?

What a load of crap. Yes I was a wild boy but I didn't do it to sell the
product better thats just shit man. I was something back then don't know just what and hope never to be it again.

I know you listen tons of music. Who are now your favorite singers and

I have many different kinds of music. I like Vanessa's singing, my own
singing, old U2, Jazz, country a lot of French stuff quite like Coldplay and
Radiohead and Irish bands. Oh and Aketa's Attic River's old band which I
have some stuff of.

In this suffering world, what kind of monsters humanity should be able to destroy?

The biggest of all War and Poverty.

You have an island. Why did you buy that?

My little hideaway in the Bahamas. I bought that for a tropical holiday home
and for the tranquility. A summer home and a winter home summer in the
Caribbean and Winter in France.

Eclectic personality, is there much intellectual mobility in your life?


Johnny's movies are always based on books he falls in love for and with. Johnny is in fact a very avid reader.

Have you got many friends? Some enemies?

I have tons of friends hopefully no enemies.

The first thing you think when you start your day?

Great to be alive.  Especially after recent events in London.

The characteristic you appreciate the most in a person?

Bubbly personality just be themselves.  I hate false people.

Anna Maria Polidori

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