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Paris Refashioned 1957-1968 by Colleen Hill

Paris Refashioned 1957-1968 by Colleen Hill published by Yale University Press in collaboration with the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) of New York is a beautiful, illustrated book about fashion. If you are in love fashion and history of fashion this book  is for you.

The period of time taken in consideration the most revolutionary one: the decade that goes from 1957 to 1968. This book is the story of  various french mainly Maisons and their iconic stylists like Yves Saint Laurent, Rabanne, Pierre Cardin and their "change" of altitude, with their creations, expectations, role played in this revolution of customs and fashion.

Great fracture with the past, stylists and big french Maisons, understood that the future would have been the pret-a-porter and the ready-to-wear.
It was a big and extraordinary revolution this one passed, and launched  in big magazines as ELLE, Vogue, temples of fashion. A cultural change.

But it was not just a change of perception.
Maisons presented to the world with their new dresses an innovative, independent girl and woman, sophisticated but at the same time modern, futurist, "efficient", elegant functionally to the environment she would have interacted in.This one has been a wonderful, fertile, imaginative decade where everything sounded possible and where, first of all the global imagine of a castigated woman changed abruptly thanks to the creation of a girl and woman independent, free, elegant but modern, set free from the constrictions of the past.

After all the wild wind of 1968 was knocking at the door. A special chapter is dedicated at the 1968.

"Transgression", affirmation of a femininity passes through the mini-skirt, another revolutionary invention, accessory. Just an example of the revolution created by these wonderful creatives.

Other materials started to be taken in consideration for embellishing dresses, bags etc like metal and plastic. Pierre Cardin became the symbol of futurism and avant-garde.

Taken in consideration the role played during this decade by french actresses like Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and other ones.

Women became protagonists of themselves, their personal history and their desires.

A beautiful book for everyone in love for fashion and history.

I thank Yale University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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