domenica, luglio 15, 2018


Today I went to the second-hand book store located to Umbertide. The idea was to buying a frame for a picture, but I could not find the proper size for my picture. Being surrounded by books I tried to stay away from them but being a magnet I was attracted by this beautiful and original item I want to signal you:  a splendid,  trendy, address book.

If you are a book lover you'll love it.

Published by CICO books, a division by Simon&Schuster "Address Book" is romantically illustrated letter after letter with imagines of romantic libraries, a literary world of peace made by harmony, old items, precious memories and good old books.

This connection with pictures of old books and time made me think at the importance of friends, good friends, created in a life.

I highly suggest you this beautiful Address Book wishing you a happy  trip in this life plenty of good friends for a life and that solidity that only books, good memories, old objects, houses with a story and a past, are in grade to generate in the existence.

Anna Maria Polidori

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