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Napoleon The Imperial Household edited by Sylvain Cordier

Napoleon The Imperial Household edited by Sylvain Cordier  is a beautiful and important catalog published by Montreal Museum of Fine Arts distributed by Yale University Press.
This remarkable, beautifully illustrated tome celebrates the grandeur of Napoleon and appears in conjunction with the exhibition Napoleon: Art and Court Life in the Imperial Palace organized and toured by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with the participation of the Chateau de Fountainbleu and the Mobilier national, Paris.
It's possible to see this art exhibit at the moment  at the Virginia Museum of Fine arts from 9 June to Sept 3 and then in Kansas City at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art from Oct 19 to March 3 2019 and the last tour in France at the Musée National du chateau de Fountainbleau, Fountainbleau from April 5 to July 2019.

Wonderful art exhibit, it meant a lot of work, years, dedication and connections between various institutions in France, USA and Canada.

Napoleon loved America and when he fell in disgrace he thought that emigrating in America, where he, in the while, established some contacts during the years, the best answer, but then the exile at St.Helena changed again the cards on the table of this man.

Every aspect of his existence is scrutinized in this catalog, from his entourage, to his favorite and beloved estates, hunt, one of his favorite sports, his connections with the USA, with a special section dedicated at his death as well.

Napoleon was a strong character for France, Europe and also the New World. America saw him as a self-made-workaholic-impressive-man.

Highly recommended if you love history.
Don't miss this art exhibit if you can, because trust me, it deserves your attention.

I thank Yale University Press for the physical copy of this catalog.

Anna Maria Polidori

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