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This Book is a Planetarium And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions by Kelli Anderson

It's like to enter in a magical world and the secret passages are its pages.

This Book is a Planetarium And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions by Kelli Anderson is this and much more.

Genial for beauty, elegance and originality, it's the perfect gift for your children or someone in grade to appreciate a lot of instruments and tools put all together in a few pages for stimulating creativity.  A mixture of Astronomy, Time, with a perennial calendar and some reflections about the meaning of a year and time; Music because while we exist it is remarkable the importance of creating a great, funny, nice, sweet, melodic soundtrack of and for our life because music is the sound of Universe and because it's the most powerful way for reaching other souls and people.
There is a Speaker for speaking loudly so that you will be listened by everyone!  without forgetting the spiral graph for using all your imagination and for describing the world into all its perfection and geometric imagination.
The most stunning pages the two dedicated at the Planetarium.
Put these pages in a dark room with a small LED light and like for a magic that room will start to be "disconnected" by your reality and you will splash in the immensity of our Sky, with the main Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere ready for you, for being admired, visited, studied, in a wonderful, beauty adventure plenty of curiosity to live all together.

It's a philosophic book this one where music is played meeting words, dreams, expectations, a perpetuity that can't end with mortality, in an inter-connection with our "geometric rationality" and mystery represented under the shape of writing secret messages to other people trying to keep hidden mysteries of this world.
There is not another book in grade to sum with such shocking precision and beauty this world and our life like This Book is a Planetarium.

Creative, intense, I highly suggest this book to adults and children. It could be great to keep some copies of it in schools as well. I guess that teachers and children can start very good and profound conversations around these big thematic, while at the same time living a lot of funny and creative time!
Not bad, true?

I thank Chronicle Books for the physical copy of this stunning and so creative book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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