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Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan is a book about work, love, friendship, baking good bread, changes and new re-starts.

Polly was happy and her relationship with Chris, at first wonderful.
But then difficulties emerged with strength when their beautiful life destroyed by the advent of crisis.
The arrival of the net brought them a lot of problems and Chris' society collapsed.
Their life was stunning. Beautiful, rich, surrounded by trendy friends, they couldn't complain at all.

When this system collapsed and their life changed Polly decided to move on.

From Chris, from her past and mundane life, for re-discovering her real self, for trying to re-define her person and what she wanted in her life. Including her relationship with Chris.

Solutions not simple when you lose your job, your love, you don't want to accept the help of your bubbling girlfriend and you don't want to return to the house of your parents but you want to experience something else for a sense of personal pride.

Mount Polbearne, close to Plymouth but also a very different reality the most appropriate place for someone like Polly although the most unthinkable one, but...Life isn't an adventure?

Her new home plenty of humidity, not a castle but the girl doesn't lose  hope.
Finding good people close to her, making new friends more than possible. One day she also finds a puffin in...needs. That puffin with that broken wing...Like her, its in sufferance.
She will help Neil the Puffin to sorting out its problems successfully. Neil will become her best mate.

Polly's arrival is not unnoticed and the girl starts to be known and appreciated.

Polly's main passion if baking. Baking good bread, baking everything good. Also when she lived with Chris she baked when possible.
And she starts. To bake and to experiment some good and different kind of breads.

The local bakery store of the town is a complete mess and the bread uneatable  because when a person cook and bake should do that with love. Just in that way it's possible to eat great food.
The lady, owner of the bakery store and also of the house where Polly lives in can't do that anymore, because she has lost a lot in her life and she is still searching for that lost happiness every night.

Being a friendly girl Polly makes friendship with some fishermen...

Polly surfs the web in search for a new job when she discovers that after all maybe she doesn't want to find anything through the net, but she wants to bake.
She starts to sell her bread to the people of the village.
In incognito because if the lady of the bakery store discovers that can be a problem and after all no one want to upset her but just eating good bread.

Later a compromised will be reached. At the same time Polly knows Huckle a man from the South of the USA. A passionate of bees and good honey.

I can't tell you everything, because the story is much more elaborated.
I will leave alone the millionaire friend of Huckle, Polly's friend and a lot of other stories in the middle truly amazing.

The beautiful treat of the books by Jenny Colgan is that she is in grade to create a true love-story with real characters, real life and real feelings. She is warm in the representation of reality, and although you read a romantic story, this story won't never be banal, but feelings and lives of protagonists centered with great passion and devotion, I would want to use this word.
This book is also positive because when a love is ending, like the one of Chris and Polly is, protagonists don't live great stress, or complicated straining, tragic situations. It's a natural process, where love and good relationship wins always.

I don't want to forget to tell you that at the end of the book you will find some delicious recipes ready to be tried!

Highly recommended!

I loved so badly to read this book. I bought it through Edizioni Mondolibri.

Anna Maria Polidori

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