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The Snow Globe by Judith Kinghorn

This book, The Snow Globe  by Judith Kinghorn wants to be a romantic novel about relationship, broken relationship, friendship, love during the Christmas Time, dreams, represented by a Christmas Snow Globe, in general the syntheses of perfection and of an imagine unchangeable although time goes by, and changes.

What could represent a Christmas Snow Globe metaphorically?

A Christmas Snow Globe could represents our most beautiful moments, instants of pure and great happiness. A protective, little space where there is warm and love and joy and everyone is safe because in that tiny little space nothing can goes wrong.
A protective magical place although in miniature.

I picked up The Snow Globe because it is a historical romantic novel and it starts in 1926 the year my dad was born.

I loved the dreaming characterization of Eden Hall the big house where family Forbes lives in.
Everything started when Agatha  Christie the famous writers of so many crime books, the most important one Murder on the Orient Express (new movie with Johnny Depp, don't forget it!), disappear without leaving any trace.

The protagonists have all their own expectations and dreams for the arrival of Christmas just few days distant, that 1926. It was common a saying in family Forbes: ask for a lot of wishes so that some of them would come true.

But...Something during that Christmas won't go well, but completely wrong and the existence of the Forbes will change forever.

Daisy is the littlest daughter of Howard and she loves her dad so badly. She is just 18 years old and she doesn't know what to do.
Her family means a lot to her, she is sad, but everyone seem to have the best recipe for trying to go on and re-start the existence from the beginning.
Her mom, her dad, her sisters.
She meets Stephen during the search for the disappearance of Agatha Christie.

She was just 11 years when she firstly knew Stephen, the son of one of their helpers, and they immediately established a great friendship. The kind of friendship you won't never forget for all your life because it will mark your existence.
Now Daisy is in crisis and she finds in this old friend, with which she feels a great connection, some help and love.

All her past is turned upside down; people she trusted a lot "deluded" her putting her in confusion let's use this euphemism.

Daisy understands that Stephen is the right person for her, although there are in this case other serious problems because of their different social classes and background. We are in the 1920s when these thematic still felt a lot.

In this confusion other facts, Stephen for example will go away from her, will convince later Daisy of being realistic, accepting to marry someone else without love, but the girl is not convinced because her heart is still pulsing for Stephen.
Can a girl marry someone without regretting the person she loved the most?

Adorable romantic novel, perfect for these cold days and plenty of optimistic solutions, reconciliations and happy ends in the best tradition of the Christmas Season!

I thank NetGalley and Caneto for this wonderful eBook!

Anna Maria Polidori

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