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The Flower-Powered Garden by Andy Vernon

The  Flower-Powered Garden is  another  wonderful  book by Timber  Press. It will be published on February 12 2018.
Written by a real passionate of the topic Mr. Andy Vernon, this  time this book will  let us  discover the  world of  flowers  thanks to a  passion firstly developed and inherited by the author thanks to his  grand-dad.
Starting  from bed  flowers,  we will  learn how to  embellish  our little  or big  corners of  our house using a mixture of various, diversified flowers for creating a wonderful and stunning mix of colors in grade to bring harmony and joy in our existence and in the one of our dear ones in every season of the year.
Because  flowers are first of all color! and they donate a  poetic  vision in  grade to  give to  everyone peace. We  will also  learn how to  be more  creative  with our  seeds,  flowers,  how to choose the best soil, avoiding possible illness of flowers, how to grow a plant from seed or bulb to adult age. We will also understand that after all the problem of space with flowers is not so important. Yes, we will discover that we can plant flowers wherever we  want,  because  there is no  need to have  a precise  space for  flowers just the fantasy of planting them.

At the end a section including a selection of flowers you can think of planting in your garden!

Your garden won't be anymore the same one if you will follow the instructions of Vernon!

Highly recommended!

I thank NetGalley and Timber Press for the eBook!

Anna Maria Polidori

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