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One Unity in a Divided World by Deidra Riggs

The Bible says: "If it is possible as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."
This book, published by Baker Books, One Unity in a Divided World by Deidra Riggs, wants to focus about oneness and unity in the church and in our society.
Very often we are like lost and we build walls that divide us from the other ones.
It can be because of a racial story, the author is a lady of color and she feels this sentiment so badly because there is a heavy racial history unfortunately in the USA, but also other reasons for discriminating people.
Someone different from us, with different customs, culture, place, religion.
And not only: maybe we don't believe sufficiently at the good actions of God.
God, says the author loves everyone. We must just search for his unconditional love.
But so what should we do? We should search for Oneness, so the capacity of interacting with everyone in positive ways in this world considering every human being as our brother because we are all brothers in every part of the world we live in.
Inclusion can be another word.
In this way there wouldn't be anymore any kind of division because we would be all equals and it's a great attitude this one. When a stranger for example is coming to our town we should embrace the person as if we would have known him/her from a life and not with circumspection. This one is real brotherhood. We should be in grade to reconciliate ourselves with other people and when necessary with God, and at the same time we should try to help others extending our grace to them, for "letting God be God in the life of another person" writes Deidra.
Space: space for reconciliation, for forgiveness, for grace.
Is it possible during a big disgrace to forgive?
Some people did it. I remember when  a very disturbed young white man killed various people of colors in the USA with a gun.
The most shocking reaction apart this senseless action, the reaction of the familiars: "We forgive you for what you did."
Shockingly beauty, intense because there was an immensity tremendously beauty and pure in this act, in these words, and in the terrible tragedy occurred to their dear ones that you would have thought that maybe some moment of reflections would have been necessary to their souls. They have been in grade to forgive. Immediately, without to thinking too much. Admirably beauty.
Let's try to develop mercy and compassion.
Where are human's limits? Our limits are our comfort zones and our impossibility to look at the other one as at a resource, a possibility of discovery and knowledge through a new friendship. Building bridges is better than building walls that won't bring anywhere because will close our horizons.
What it is important to do is to work in progress, for growing up leaving all the doors opened.

Sometimes Deidra told she closed doors to other people for discovering later that her neighbors were like her: people with questions, people with answers or "in need of grace" she writes. 

The main message by Deidra Riggs is to try to understand everyone, every point of view, because we are all creatures of God and in God once we will all return.
And do you know the irony?
Our enemies included.

I thank Baker Books Bloggers for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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