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domenica, giugno 18, 2017

Martin Luther in His Own Words Essential Writings of the Reformation edited by Jack D. Kilcrease and Erwin W.Lutzers

Martin Luther left the Catholic Church of Rome tired of the system seen by himself per years and used by the Roman Catholic Church.
It's the beginning of 1500, there is a lot of poverty everywhere in Europe including in the Catholic Germany.

This spiral of protest started from him with the Reformation will create later in Europe other movements of protest against the Catholic Church  and other schismatics serious episodes like the one of Henry VIII in England with the creation of the Anglican religion while in Switzerland Calvin started the Calvinism, the most "radical" one of all of the new Christian religions after the first schism wanted by Martin Luther.

In this new book by Baker Books Martin Luther in His Own Words Essential Writings of the Reformation edited by Jack D. Kilcrease and Erwin W.Lutzers, we will discover the written words by Martin Luther more closely.

It's a book this one for Catholics, Protestants, for students interested at the topic for a research or an exam, for all that people curious to learn and discover the spiritual words written by Luther understanding also theologically what happened exactly that period and how and why  Luther started to see the Church with the Reformation differently from the Catholic Church.

That one, we mustn't never forget was a crucial moment for the Catholic Church and its new European assets.

Luther translated the Bible and made it available for everyone so that the message of God would have been understood better.

Luther couldn't tolerate anymore the numerous scandals of the Catholic Church. The Church asked to German poor peasants the payments of  high taxes. They couldn't pay the church as well, but they had to, although they were starved.

Luther thought that this and other stories as well were too much. There wasn't a serious example in the Church of Rome he thought.

In 1521 Luther started a Revolution, the Reformation that would have brought the Northern European countries in his direction although of course we are all brothers and sisters of the same religion.

Luther reintroduced with strength the doctrine of the justification by faith.
He suppressed the confession.
Each person speaks directly with God without any human intermediary, that in the Catholic church is the priest.

Plus: Luther introduced the freedom of religion fighting also with the emperor.

Luther was a revolutionary. He thought that for staying more close to God, the religion had to be preached in German and in the language of the people of the country where it was professed.
Not anymore in latin.
He was a great innovative, visionary man.

He was a very good man, someone with a strong integrity and someone who, made what he made for profound and specific reasons. For these reasons, I have always admired Martin Luther a lot.

You will be truly inspired by the words by Luther in the various treatises he wrote about interpretations of the New Testament or specific thematic he wanted to write about.

On Christians Liberty, written in 1520, famous his phrase that a Christian  is a "Free Lord of all and subject to none."
The ten commandments important to Luther but not like God's Law. That one given to us for remembering that we are mortals, that there are sins somewhere.

In the Letter of Saint Paul we see a more mature Luther.
He completed the translation of the Bible in German preferring to translate it from the greek version.
The letter at Saint Paul to the Romans let us show that God manifested his law to the human race for putting order in the society. But not only: God shared his Law for revealing to men what works of love they should do for thanking God and assist their neighbors.
The law is also a mirror for let us see human corruption and God's fight against it.

You can read this book entirely, you can pick up one of two chapters per day, I can tell you that whatever you will choose to do with it, this book has the power to connect you with God thanks to the Scriptures, and thanks to a thinker of great  integrity, a revolutionary man like Martin Luther was.

I truly thank Baker Books Bloggers for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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