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sabato, giugno 25, 2016

The Book of Sacred Baths by Paulett Kouffman Sherman

I have always been a fanatic of bath, I don't know you, considering the shower a cold practice. Someone who hurries goes for a shower, someone who can, a privilege sometimes to take some care of himself/herself prefers a long bath.

What proposed by Paulett Kouffman Sherman in The Book of Sacred Baths something more intense, superlative and beauty, because she will focus on the sacrality of baths suggesting us myriad of possibilities for cuddling ourselves not just with warm water and soap but implementing the experience with healing crystals, candles of the color we want for asking help, essential oils, bath salts. Imagination is endless. These instruments will help us to heal our soul, to stay much better with ourselves and others, and for "Revitalize our Spirit."

The author of this stunning book published by Llewellyn Publications will conduct us at the sacrality of bath, dedicating a section at the importance of bath in other cultures, but also at the symbolism of a bath.

Water for example as a symbol of purification, not just physically but also emotional.
Once before we were born we lived in water, so water is also symbolism for life, regeneration, re-birth.

A bath can for sure heal, because it will bring us relaxation and a best good mood.

The author suggests of keeping a journal where we can write our impression once experienced a sacred bath.

She will explain the use of candles, herbal teas, and all the necessary for living an unforgettable experience.

A sacred bath, 52 in total the one treated by the author, can be invoked for the most diversified reasons.

There are sacred baths for love, marital baths, for calming nerves, for set free our emotions, for our Spirit.

There will be baths for invoking the protection of the Archangel Raphael (healer), or other angels as well.

Thanks to this book you will discover the best sacred baths for you and first of all the power of a relaxing, warm moment.

Wonderful book, I strongly suggest it to everyone.

Thanks to netgalley.com I read this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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