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lunedì, giugno 06, 2016

Lazy Crafternoon by Stella Fields

Have you, dear teen, the passion for scrap, decoupage,  decoration, handmade works? Do you want to keep your  little corner of the house a beautiful, dreaming personalized place where  every object is different, colored and unique in its  genre and where also the most insignificant, old  object and item one can return to live a wonderful,  new and sparkling existence without necessarily to buying  a new one?

If your answers are all enthusiastically:  yes! to all these questions this book is for you.

Written by Stella Fields and published by Capstone,  I consider this manual I read thanks to netgalley.com  extremely useful, dreaming, colored and beautiful and it will make the joy of enthusiastic teenagers and moms and well.   

These projects,more than 50 are not difficult and  each of them cost less than ten dollars, but the  author would want to invite you and your friends at  a crazy or more "Crafternoons" as she calls these  creative moments so that you can spend and share with your  girlfriends some good time all together while  working at specific and dreaming projects.

Substantially you could re-colored or  re-personalized all your little objects of your house.

The book is divided  in fact in sections; accessories, food, decorate,  study and celebrate and for each section you will  find wonderful example for creating unique pieces.

Are you for example tired of seeing your mom sipping tea in a cup without character to you? Why not adding some  personality to it? Go for it! It will be a great gift for her.

Have you got some correspondents and do you want to  create beautiful handmade greeting cards or letters?
You will discover how to create stunning loving greetings and/or writing letter.

Your girlfriend's birthday is close, and you  presented her a wonderful gift, but uh-oh the  wrapping card? Don't worry, you will create something unforgettable.

Your smart phone's cover is not exceptional? Ready for you and thanks to your creativity an unique piece!

If you are spiritual and you would want to wear  something in theme for you there is the diffuser  necklace. You will always bring with you your  favorite oil essence for your mood! of the moment.

The glasses of your granny are becoming old, she  doesn't want to change them because she is still affectionate to them and she wants to save money but  at the same time you think she would be happy if you personalize them? You  can help her, in few simple steps!

It's spring and time to plant some flowers. You want  to add more color and romanticity. Plenty of solutions. Your friends will be surprised of the final results.

A friend presented to you a classic birdhouse, made  with good wood of course, but maybe too serious. You  will find many projects for creating one of the  most stunningly unique, colored birdhouses you have seen on  the face of Earth!

You return to school. You  bought some pencils but you think that they don't have too much color. Don't hesitate to add some tulle a beautiful project that will bring joy, color and personality at  an indispensable accessory.

Do you want to create or put in some jars something special?
Why not add some decorations?

If you go for a walk in a countryside remember to  bring home some little rocks. It will be beautiful  to decorate them with all the other members of your  family. Creations  can be the most diversified one and at the end everyone happy for the final result!

You have a correspondent in a foreign country and  you want to create a notebook or a journal. Go for  it. There is a great project in this manual.

You can create a new handbook, boxes with more soul,  creative items for your food.

Have fun, have joy, have enthusiasm and happiness!  while re-coloring, adding more  soul to most of your  favorite or maybe why not? new items!

Anna Maria Polidori

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