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domenica, giugno 05, 2016

Sunrise Sunset - 52 weeks of awe and gratitude - by Kim Weiss

Kim Weiss  is a sunny lady living in South Florida and everytime she looked at a sunset, took a picture of it. Same with a dawn, sharing these artistic, natural creations with her Facebook's community.

After a while some of hr friends suggested her of creating a book with all these wonderful pictures. A pity not sharing them with a largest public.

The idea of Sunrise Sunset was born!

Everyone know my big attractions for sunsets and dawns and when I discovered on netgalley.com this book I wanted to see it so badly, loving it a lot, for the calming pictures, beautiful colors, inspiring words and phrases that will follow every page and every picture of a sunset or a dawn. Like to be in Paradise.

Dawns and sunsets in Florida are simply spectaculars. The author has been in grade to photograph beautiful red, yellow, colored sunsets, and stunning dawns.

Nature, we all know, is better than the best painter of this world.

The idea of not putting just pictures but accompanying them with words,  I imagine, for giving a strongest visual and emotive message to the picture visualized in that moment. In this sense, Kim has been helped by a team of creative friends all mentioned in the book.

Encouragement, gratitude, you will discover thanks to these pictures and these phrases, a spiritual trip and always a different gradation of feelings "reading" between the pictures and phrases close to it.
Published by Health Communications Inc. I strongly suggest this delicate, felt, relaxing book.

Part of money of this book goes to an association called AVA.

Anna Maria Polidori

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