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martedì, luglio 11, 2017

The Booth Brothers: Drama, Fame, and the Death of President Lincoln by Rebecca Langston-George

The Booth Brothers: Drama, Fame, and the Death of President Lincoln
by Rebecca Langston-George is a children's books on stores this Sept 1 by Capstone.
Every time I read the story of John Wilkes Booth is a strong experience. That man had everything. He was a very famous and affirmed actor, everyone portrayed him as a wonderful human being, a very talented actor...It's shocking to think that he did what he did.
He had his own life, he had money, success, women, fame, talent, everything and he destroyed his name and the name of his family, a family of actors, starting from Brutus, his dad, for an insane, horrible, stupid, silly, insane gesture.
Killing President Abraham Lincoln has been a devastation. Although the President could be criticized by the Southerners people, and also if a dramatic War of the Secession took place for several years leaving the South in profound sufferance, no one wanted an end like this one.
President Lincoln was loved because of his simplicity. He lived a real life. He spent a life of sacrifices, with important departures. He was a compassionate man.

He thought that all men should be set free and should have the dignity of building their own existence. No one should be put behind because of the color of his skin and for these positions, he was criticized.

Unfortunately the story of the Booth brothers maybe signed also by the geographical area where they lived and worked in. Considering the big success of the Booth Brothers, Edwin, John and the other sibling, worked in different areas. Edwin in Boston where there has always been a wind of freedom, another brother in California, and John in the South of the USA. John has always considered himself like a Southerner but surely to live there and being influenced by the ideas of the people of that places didn't help at all a fertile imagination.

He would have wanted to kidnap the President, he wanted to do this world and the other to the President.

He killed him once in theater, in 1865 while the President was attending a performance at the Ford’s Theater. And he was killed as well like also the other conspirators.

The book is not just beauty, there are many pictures of that time with the various protagonists, President Lincoln, his killer and a great historical reconstruction. I am sure every child will like to read this book so badly.

I thanks NetGalley and Capstone for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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