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martedì, luglio 11, 2017

Homes & Haunts Touring Writers' Shrines and Countries by Alison Booth

Are you in vacation? In particular in UK and USA, East Coast? Do you love reading and your dream have always been the one of visiting the places where your favorite novelists set their books in?
Or the houses where their lived him? 
If the answer to all these questions is yes, Homes & Haunts Touring Writers' Shrines and Countries by Alison Booth  is the book for you!

Published by Oxford University Press the book traces the importance of  literary tourism, during decades and centuries permitting us to discover many places visited, lived by our favorite writers.

Why this interest of people for this tourism? Well it's explained very well if you love reading and writing and if you watched... Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen.
Do you remember the story? There is this American writer in vacation with the girlfriend and the parents of the girlfriend.
They didn't like him a lot (the girlfriend still did) and so he loved to spend all the time during the night alone along the streets of Paris in search for inspiration 'til at the moment, magical, when he meets in a corner of Paris, close to a bend, an old-fashioned car with Hemingway in it, and later Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The writer will meet all the giants of painting and literature of that time, Picasso, Gertrude Stein...
The writers and artists who made our literary, artistic life this past century, with a trip in the Belle Epoque and an encounter with Toulouse-Lautrec for not forgetting anyone. The American Writer amazed and shocked to live thanks to them in their favorite places, sharing meals, cocktails, ideas, and thoughts about writing. He couldn't believe at what he was seeing and living.

Sentiments are these same ones when you decide to visit one of these houses, one of these places.
Because you love to being there, because these writers means to you a personal growth and maybe the discovery of a world, distant and fascinating. Maybe when you were still little you established a connection with some of them and their writing and maybe you decided to become a writer, a reporter, a thinker thanks to them. Maybe you continued to read thanks to them.

Trust me: bring with you this book and pick up some writer's shrines or houses where your beloved authors can be found.
Discover with your eyes  where they loved to go, where they lived in, how they are remembered.
Whoever you will choose, from Elizabeth Gaskell, a writer I would encourage to read much more, to Longfellow, from Dickens, to Brontee, - and many other ones - it will be always a great surprise.
This book will reveal to you all the best places where you can find objects, houses, places, pubs, historical documents to visits and much more.

I thank Oxford University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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