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martedì, luglio 18, 2017

Cages by Sylvia Torti

Cages is an interesting book written by Sylvia Torti.  This one is the first book I read about the life spent by scientists in laboratory. 

Songbirds is the song of God thinks more than sure David one of the scientists in the lab studying the birdsong of many and beautiful diversified birds and trying, with the help of Anton to discover the interactions and implications that there are between these animals with us and our illnesses. The two scientists work well until the arrival of Rebecca. 
Rebecca lost her previous work as a photographer and so now she thinks that working in a laboratory is another great chance. She loves birds and plus she can put some food on her table and paying her bills. It helps.
Anton's origins are italian and he starts to make friendship with Rebecca. He tells her about San Gimignano. He is a good cook and he starts to taking care a lot about Rebecca and the two thanks also to a trip to Miami of their colleague David lives the perfect  moment for falling in love as later David will discover with a certain disappointment and.. a sabotage and someone fired as well...

Culturally great. Highly recommended.

I thank Schaffner Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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